Cute crochet gift or product tag embellishments.

Whether you are in need of a product tag or gift tags, these can be a nice quick and easy addition to your crochet items. Personally, I like handmade items to have handmade tags and this is a fun and interesting way to add that personal touch.

 Selling ponchos one spring, I got the idea to put the flowers on a tag and give them with the poncho. You could detach the flower and add it to the poncho if you liked. Just a little added something.

You can get dozens of the tags at the dollar store, or have them printed up for you. Then crochet something small to suit your theme. Like holly berries for Christmas tags.

I have even used them as business cards on occasion.

Any small crochet item that looks good alone would work for this. 
Be sure to round any sharp edges on the tags, as to not snag the crochet.

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Russian Diagram Pattern

Russian Diagram Pattern 


This was made from an intricate Russian diagram. I seem to recall that it was in Мод around 2010.

This was my first graph pattern to read and make. With minimal translation help from my hubby, who does not speak 'crochet', this ended up being a great starter pattern for me to jump right into reading graphs! If you are intimidated by graphs, they really are easier than you might think to read and actually kind of fun.

This was in 2010 and I really liked the Caron Simply Soft yarn back then. But the Simply Soft was a bit too large of a weight for this and I should have used a lighter weight thread, because it turned out better as a skirt, due to how large a shawl it is on me.

While I was creating this, I started looking for the pattern to give credit to the designer, when I stumbled upon some interesting history instead.  Searching around, I ended up back on Ravelry, and it appears that in 2009 people were taking noticing of this shawl pattern.  Looks like a lot of other people also wanted a translation for this beautiful graph. Turns out that it was published in MOD, a Russian crochet magazine. One lady, Copper Scale Dragon, did her research on the pattern and found that it originated back in the 80's as a doily pattern in a Japanese book of doilies, Fine Crochet Lace, Doily #13 pattern by Mayumi Sato. Later to find its way to Russia and turned into a shawl. She credits this Cape Shawl pattern to Olga Litvina. You can read Copper Scale Dragon's post on Ravelry, from 2009. Many others talk about it as well. There are over 164 projects finished on Ravelry for this Cape Shawl. But, sorry, sadly, the publication is out of print and I have not had any luck finding the pattern. Hope you at least find inspiration for giving graphs a try.

Pictures from 2011

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More Stumpkins Nostalgia

~Stumpkins Doll with Crochet Hat and Scarf~

So in all my Stumpkins nostalgia, I got very excited and started crocheting her accessories.  Honestly, I am more excited now about making the accessories than the actual dolls 😅. 
These cute little hats started as jar toppers years ago, but it turns out that her head is about the same size of a mason jar. So I used my pattern for the jar covers and made her these hats and scarves. The one with the huge pompom is my favorite, pictured above.
Originally my pattern for Mason Jar lid covers, filled with candy, for Christmas.

Used as cute little Stumpkins doll hats!

If anyone is interested in the pattern for the hats and scarf, please let me know.

This is my 20 yo Stumpkins doll, modeling the hats and scarves made recently. She looks really good for her age! Just goes to show that these stockings dolls are very durable.

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okay... more pictures :S.. She looks like a Charley Brown character to me, in this picture. 😆

Snow in Texas!  
As well as lots of migrating Red Robins.

Yarn Stuffing

Stuffing with Yarn

Yarn Stuffing

So, you know all those pesky little ends left over after weaving ends? Well, I started recycling them by using them as stuffing! With so many wasteful scraps cut after weaving ends, it seemed such a waste to throw them all away. Turns out that I would collect enough to stuff a small pillow in a very short amount of time. Especially if working with a lot of different colors on one project. So I began to use these as stuffing.

Recently while watching Sweet Potato 3, Christine's Bunny and Chick CAL video on FB, and aside from that it is an adorable crochet amigurumi Bunny CAL, I loved the innovative use of grocery bags for stuffing! And while, I am not sure if it is her idea, it is a great idea!

This gets me wondering what else people might be using besides your traditional stuffings?
Please, leave a comment and share your ideas!


For the larger, looser stitched items, it does not work well because it shows through and even can come through, so for those I still use fiber fill. But for smaller projects like Amigirumi, it is perfect and I have my scrap stash ready to go! :)


It was great to see Christine using the grocery bags as stuffing! Very inspiring that others too, are using things that are better for the environment.

I would love to hear what you are using!

Check back for more crochet ideas!

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Blarf Shoncho.... my Stashbuster Blarf as a Shirt Poncho.

  The Stashbuster Blarf, pictured below, is absolutely beautiful!  

Ever since I first saw the picture of the Stashbuster Blarf, I wanted to make one! For my idea, I did not use this pattern exactly, but it was a great inspiration and perfect for what I wanted to make.
The pattern is to make a "Blarf", a scarf but bigger, like a shawl. Which is great, but I am more a poncho girl. So I made 2 rectangles with various stitches, added a border, and joined it on the sides. Voila, you have a poncho, or is it a shirt? or a "Shoncho" 😆 My Blarf Shoncho!

With my yarn stash in hand, I started working up this "Shoncho".  I absolutely love the different yarns and yarn textures together! Mine uses mostly Caron Simply Soft and Yarn Bee Soft Secret, with some "I Love This Yarn".  

This join was before I found the beautiful Celtic Lace Join. I guess that I did something similar back then. The Celtic Lace Join has a very good tutorial for something similar to what you see here. This gives it an interesting touch on the shoulders.


I have been seeing many Shoncho type creations lately on Pinterest and I am liking this Shoncho name! 😉
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Stumpkins Flashback


   80's flashback!

Does anyone remember these cute wee folk?

My Mom made these adorable soft sculpture dolls in the 80's, and I took up making them in the 90's. Now these cute little guys are back!  As I recall, the story goes that they are sweet little creatures of the woods.

Each unique Stumpkins doll is made with love, stuffing and nylon stockings. Then each is embellished to fit their unique, individual style, character and theme.

Here you see my  Renaissance Stumpkins Collection;

Princess Stumpkin

Fairy Stumpkin Princess

Sultan, his camel and a Bellydancer in the background.

The King and Queen

The idea came from a book that my Mom had in the 80's,
by Trish Powers
Wee Folk Stumpkins
(Cover pictured below.)

My Mother would make clowns, ladies, babies, married wee folk, and of course Mr & Mrs Claus.

(Ps.... they have the cutest little tushies, dimples and all!)

Flashback is warming my heart on this unusually cold winter day here in Texas!

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So much about my Mom and I had not mentioned....my Mother as is Mrs Claus! ;)
Pictured below. She is creator of Silver Santa. A wonderful non profit organization, giving and sharing with those in need. Your crochet items are a wonderful blessing! If you would like to get involved and donate your crochet items or any other hand made items, or of course, financial support, please contact Mrs Claus at mrsclaus@silversanta.org. Thank you! 

A Non-Profit Senior Citizen Program providing care packages and a day of joy during the holiday season to low-income senior citizens, veterans, and persons with disabilities living in assisted living and nursing home communities or home-bound.
Please, visit Silver Santa to find out more.
Thank you!

Crochet Valentine's Hearts

💖 Crochet Valentine's Hearts 💖 


💖Happy Valentines💖

Pattern coming soon!


My Heart Mug Cozy

Use Mug Cozy with Heart Pattern by DaisyEzyCraft  to make this.




Doily Designs' History

Doggie Lovies & Doily Designs

A little history about my crochet adventures.

A happy customer.

With my talented Mother always making something beautiful and my Grandmother always crocheting lovely gifts,  it was inevitable that at age 3, I would pick up a crochet hook. At age 9, I started selling Christmas ornaments at craft fairs with my Mom, and knitted my first completed sweater at age 11.

Similar example of easy crochet ornaments my Mother taught me, in the 80's, as a child.

Through out the years I did many other crafts and what-not, mostly sewing. Inspired by my Mother. Sewing is one of her specialties, and yes, she has many. Sewing is not so much mine. But it never stopped me from trying. It seemed I could never find things I wanted in stores, so I would make my own.

In 2003, I picked up a crocheting again, for the first time since I was a child. I would make my own patterns for chunky scarves, chunky hats and bikini's. 

Here is one of my favorite scarves from 2003, that I still wear. Large and chunky, with beads on the fringe.

For a few years I lost interest in fiber arts and tried spray paint art.

In 2006, I met my wonderful, inspiring husband, and while carrying my 3rd child, I picked up crochet and knitting again to make baby blankets and baby wear.  

Bamboo baby poncho.

This knitted baby blanket took 4 years of working on and off, to finally finish. It was then I uncovered the truth.... beyond a doubt, I am a crocheter more than a knitter.

In 2010, once again, I decided to give selling a try. Mostly, I had crocheted for myself, children or as gifts.  This was before I had even heard of Etsy.  At the time, I joined up with my Mother and her company, Universal Stitching Designs, to raise awareness about animal cruelty and I began selling dog clothes in her booth at dog fairs. Things like dog scarves, dog sweaters, puppy toys and some jewelry for their humans.  I called them DOGGIE LOVIES.  It went alright, but not great.

Quickly thrown together display to test "Doggie Lovies" in my Mom's booth at dog fairs.

Floral dog scarves~

More scarves~

The Dog-gone Dog Bone pattern by Ginny Blankenship.

Though other crafts and things interest me, it seems I always end up spending most my time crocheting stuff, and it is were I have been the most productive.

In 2011, I began crocheting in the round and was hooked! Crocheting itself is very therapeutic and meditative and in the round was the cherry on top. Round and round, row after row, coming full circle. It is so very satisfying. In the round offered so much inspiration, there was endless possibilities of things to make!

My husband suggested in 2012 that if I enjoyed this so much, I should start selling to a larger audience and suggested that I sell on Etsy.  So in 2012, I opened my Etsy shop, Doily Designs.

I was making doilies, and doily like things at the time and the name Doily Designs stuck. Honestly it is not even by choice, some times things are just meant to be.  So Doily Designs it was,  with some of my Doily Designs.....

Doily Designs earrings from 2011

                       One of my Doily Designs Blankets from 2012, sold on Etsy.                                                                           

My Doily Designs tree skirt creation, 2012. This is my first published pattern for purchase in  2018.

2012, my Doily Designs Shells & Lace Doily Rug.  Lovingly, inspired by wanting to make my Mother-in-Law a special and unique gift.

My first Doily Designs Shells n Lace Rug, for MIL, to match her decor. With left over yarn I made a little something extra with the floral covered garden rock in same colors.

Doily Designs Shirt, inspired design, 2015

 I'll finish up with my latest creation.... the new large tree skirt pattern. The Large Cranberry Pineapple Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern now available on Etsy.


Always aspiring to find new concepts and create new joy.....

Keeping the tradition going and growing!

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Cranberry Pineapple Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

⭐  Doily Designs Cranberry Pineapple  Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern This one of a kind tree skirt is an eye catching take on the clas...