American Flag Afghan


Crochet American Flag Blanket

King size Boho Granny Crochet American Flag Blanket, ready to ship, just in time for Christmas.

Matching JUMBO, Ooak, American Flag Heart Pillow also available and ready to ship in time for Christmas.

Watch for Doily Designs Holiday SALES!!

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Hearts for the Holidays

With this versatile heart pillow plush pattern, in 3 fun sizes, you can easily change your color scheme to crochet that perfect Christmas gift, and share your love in a soft snuggly way.

Choose to crochet colors resembling the American Flag, or perhaps you get along better with Rainbows, or you feel quite Solid, or my favorite; embroider a solid heart designed for Christmas ornaments!

Whatever design you are after, the Doily Designs Heart Pillow Plush Patterns will be a great start for the base idea.

Crochet Heart Plush Pillow Ideas

Crochet hearts are made using Doily Designs, Heart Pillow Patterns. Pattern can be found bundled, or sold separately on Etsy.

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Christmas Crochet Patterns

A few Christmas crochet patterns by Doily Designs for your Christmas crochet consideration.

Also in Large, 60 inch version, for a larger Christmas tree and Christmas tree  skirt.
As well as 2 pattern bundle, with Large and Original patterns.

Christmas doily, pictured below, is made with Doily Designs free pattern; Mint Chocolate Chip Doily Pattern. Holly berries and leaves use free pattern by Lazy Hobby Hoppers, and her Holly Berries from her gorgeous Christmas wreath pattern. This doily pattern can also be found in Doily Designs Etsy shop, for a printable pdf file.

Wrap your finished crochet Christmas tree skirt as a gift with this cute tiny holly berry pattern, shared free by Michelle Warwick, found on Ravelry.

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Crochet Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie, or Blue Willow China is such an eye catcher, that when in 2011, a customer requested I crochet her Mom a blanket to match her Blue Willow China collection, I was beside myself with excitement.

I do not think I knew, until then that Hobby Lobby had such a great assortment of colors! There were so many blues to choice from.

We collaborated on the color scheme and her Moms blanket was finished just in time for her Christmas SURPRISE! <3

It is crochet projects like this that bring me so much crochet JOY, with the fun new Blue Willow China crochet, HAPPY MOMs and HAPPY DAUGHTERs, a very Merry Christmas'.

Happy Holidays!

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Dye Lot Discussion

Choosing yarn in the same dye lot can be crucial to a fabulous crochet project. Below is a great example of why to purchase your yarn in the same dye lot when crocheting, especial for larger, solid color items. 

Below I had crocheted exclusively indoors, with low light, and never checked the dye lot, and imagine my surprise when I went outside to take photos and this is what I shot. I was very disappointed, when I was expecting to see one solid color, and saw this. So you can see how the over all design of your finished item can be affected.

Since this experience, it has been imperative to some of my designs to check the dye lot # on each yarn skein, and make sure they are the same dye lot #'s. Otherwise, you could end up with all your time and work put into something, only to finish and realize this costly mistake. 

Even knowing this, it can be difficult, if not impossible at times, to get yarn all in the same dye lot. This is when I would suggest, do not 'try it anyway', as I did with yes, a second blanket, when I could not find any other option. As an alternative to trying it any way, you can usually purchase yarn online from larger distributor, and get batches of yarn from the same dye lot.

I recommend Hobby Lobby, "I love this yarn!", for their great colors and soft texture. As well as that they have consistently sent batches in bundles, all with matching dye lot #'s! Hooray!!

Hope this information saves you a stitch in time.  :)

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Naughty & Nice Crochet Christmas Bikini


Sexy Crochet Christmas Bikini

A little Naughty and Nice :)

Easy crochet bikini uses Double Crochet (Dc), crocheted in the shape of a bikini. This was a quick, easy design, that uses eyelash yarn for the accents and ties, and whips up quickly for a fun Holiday bikini.

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Cranberry Pineapple Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

⭐  Doily Designs Cranberry Pineapple  Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern One of a kind tree skirt  is an eye catching take on the classic ...