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Solar Eclipse Shadows 2023

Check out the first ever video on my Youtube Channel. Video is of the crazy shadows cast by the October, 2023 solar eclipsed as viewed from the Texas Hill Country.

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October Crochet Memories

This October has been so busy, sadly there has been little time for crochet. But it is very heart warming to visit relatives and see crochet that you have gifted in use. And since she has saved things through the years, it is fun to see the difference in style and skill.  Below are Sunflower Doilies gifted to my MIL. The one with black is from 2017, and the front 2 are 2021.  

It is always nice to know that your love and efforts are appreciated and loved back. <3

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Another pic of the sunflower doilies.  The difference makes me giggle :)

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September Art Bug

As we journey into September, 2023, it has been especially fun doing a painting a day, 7 paintings in 7 days, painting along with this special lady Michelle the Painter, of Berkshire Paint and Sip. 

Below you can see paintings done following along with Michelle, and how her Fall spirit is in full swing, with paintings like 'Ghost in the Rain' and 'Haunted House', plus many more that you will find on her Youtube channel.

Michelle does a wonderful job guiding you through her lovely paintings, as you create something unexpected and fabulous.  Her reassurance and smooth flow, keep you going and assured it is for fun, and to not take it too seriously. In the end, I am always pleased with how it has all come together, following Michelle's simple steps.

One of the most challenging for me, yet also my favorite, was the 'Beach Crab'. My little lopsided crab brings me much joy.

Paintings together;

'Ghost in the Rain'

'Daisy Guitar'


'Haunted House'

'Pumpkin Truck'

With the coming of Autumn, every year, right on time, the art bug bites, leaving me with a very strong desire to doodle and paint.  Here on Doily Designs, there is a designated space for some of my doodle thoughts and doodle shares, which can be found in the 'Art for fun and meditation' section.  

Paintings above done following along with Michelle the Painter on Youtube.

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American Flag Blanket

Crochet American Flag Blanket Pattern

Crochet pattern now available on Etsy, and Ravelry.

Updated pattern includes other ways besides the diverse stitches to create different looks, giving the same versatility to the blanket pattern, as seen in other patterns included in this collection.

Above: Moms Blanket ♡ 2022

With all of the political business going on over the years, it was hard for me to not take notice, and this all got me to thinking, things like how could this pattern be something to bring folks together, in a softer way, so to speak. The "Diverse Stitches" kinda stuck, though the stitches came first. Diverse stitches refers to the different choices of stitches that are used to give texture and variety. To me, this adds an illusion of movement, like that of the traditional American flag blowing in the wind. As well as giving a classic crochet look that some might expect from a crochet afghan.

Dads blanket, 2021

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Going around full circle.

 American Flag Collection 

Crochet Flag Blanket Photos

Boho Granny

American Flag Blanket Crochet Pattern

Photographs from a few crochet American Flag blanket journeys.

March, 2022, Kay's house.

Find pattern for the Boho Granny American Flag Blanket, and more at Doily Designs Etsy, and Doily Designs Ravelry

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Rainbow Plush

 Crochet Rainbow Heart Plush Pattern

Small Rainbow Heart crochet pattern now available on Etsy, and Ravelry.

Design your Heart ♡ with your own flair and style.  Versatile pattern allows you to create these cute heart pillow plushies to share your rainbow love and joy. Made with a modern style, and your choice of colors, rainbow or solid, choose edging from simple to shell or shag?

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American Flag Pillow Collection

 Doily Designs

Boho Granny 

American Flag 

Heart Pillow ♡ Crochet Pattern Collection

Show off your American spirit with this fun Patriotic pillow collection.  Begin with the classic, snuggly medium throw cushion, and add the collector's fun plushie size, lastly the portable keychain size is great for gift tags and more. 

Medium, Small, and Tiny Heart Pillow Pattern Bundle available on Etsy.

Tiny, Small, and Medium Heart Pillow  crochet patterns conveniently bundled together for you on   Etsy. 

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American Flag Pillow Pattern

Crochet American Flag MEDIUM Heart Pillow Pattern now available on Etsy and Ravelry.

Versatile Patriotic crochet pattern offers choice of edge style and color design. Choose to go simple, go with classic fringe, or choose to go with fun Boho shag.

MEDIUM ♡ American Flag Heart Pillow Pattern by Doily Designs ~

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American Flag Blanket

Doily Designs

Boho Granny Crochet American Flag Blanket Pattern, now available on Etsy.

New updated Pattern gives you freedom to choose from Simple or Diverse Stitch Stripes

Share your love for America with this cool crochet flag afghan. This pattern and more can be found in Doily Designs American Flag Collection, Doily Designs Etsy, as well as Doily Designs Ravelry.

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Doily Rug

Crochet Doily Rugs

The always fun and useful crochet Doily RUG is a summertime favorite of mine.

Pictured above is a custom rug made based on a customers ideas, along with the a Willow blanket for her beautiful nursery. Photo courtesy of the customer.  

Below and front is a rope rug made with Creative Jewish Mom's wonderful crochet rug pattern. To the back is Doily Designs Shells n Lace doily rug.

The first and original of my shells n lace doily rugs were very inspired by the beautiful design by Villa Varisksenmarja of Creative Jewish Mom.  She was among the first, that I found, to share patterns for the doily rug craze in 2011. Her beautiful design had a big influence on my desire to create and crochet in the round, as well as my Shells n Lace rug pattern.

Below, a larger Shells n Lace Doily Rugs.


A BIG, fun, and challenging Pineapple DOILY RUGs.

7 foot Doily Rug for a wedding prop.

small Black Mandala Doily Rug

Below Doily Designs Shells n Lace Doily Rug and Pineapple Throw

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