Diverse Stitch Watermelon Doily

The Diverse Stitch Doily Pattern has been so much fun, that I could not stop with just patriotic, red, white and blue colors. While creating the pattern, I found myself creating several different designs with a very similar pattern. 

One of my personal favorites to emerge from the experiment was the  Diverse Stitch Watermelon Doily Pattern, with its fun summertime look and feel.

Update; Summer 2024 brings an update to this fun Diverse Stitch Watermelon Doily Placemat 2.0 Pattern, with fun useful new stitches (find out more about new stitches here).

Diverse Stitch Watermelon Doily Pattern with shell or plain edge.

All these fun crochet doilies can be made using differen color combinations and Doily Designs Diverse Stitch Doily Pattern to create your own style doily.

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Diverse Stitch Doily

Diverse Stitches Doily 

Different color combinations give this pattern lots of versatility. 

Create placemat doilies in different colors to match your mood, or make sets to match the current Holiday.

Diverse and interesting stitches make this a fun and exciting project to crochet.

Mandala style doily works up quickly to make enough for a a large table setting in a relatively short time.

The design started as part of the Boho Granny American Flag Collection. Wanting to add Diverse Stitches to the name, and unable to stop with just red, white and blue here, I ended up with the Diverse Stitches Doily, pictured below in;

Ocean Waves, and Autumn Charm colors.

Americana Doily


The fun doesn't end there, with its endless possibilities. 

Incase anyone is having issues with the watermelon seeds, please visit Youtube, to see the 'how to' video.

I'm lovin' the WATERMELON one!  πŸ‰

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