Texas Boho Coaster

Crochet Texas Boho Coaster Pattern.

These crochet Texas coasters are a quick and easy crochet pattern that works up in under an hour to make sets, and create a nice gift for that special Texan or Texas fan in your life.


For a limited time, a sneak peak can be seen at the Youtube Video series.
Find the pattern in Doily Designs Etsy shop, and follow along!

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Texas Pillows

 Yup, that's right y'all, more Texas  πŸ˜Š

This is the team up of Texas Pillowcase and Texas Heart Pillow πŸ˜      I πŸ’ Texas

The ease in which the pillowcase's go on and off, and fit different pillows, honestly is leaving me a little giddy. :)

You probably can't tell from the photos, but the 'faux wood' is actually the perfect touch, framing this crochet Texas flag, giving it a rustic, classic Texas look.

The Texas Pillowcase Pattern has multiple options for trim or no trim, as well as places to continue, if you would like to have more crochet fun, or places to stop if you are happy with your results without trim. Texas Heart Pillow Pattern can also be made trim or no trim, and all sizes can be bought together, or found sold separately in Doily Designs Etsy shop.

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Instagram Flashback

Doily Designs Instagram Flashback

2011, My husband, and oldest daughter talked me into getting the Instagram app, and it was a blast sharing with my oldest.  Instagram was also one of the first places I started sharing my crochet. Etsy was were I ended finding most of my clients, so I found myself not using Instagram very much for years.

For me, it was not until the integration of mobile and desktop happened, around 2020, that I began to use Instagram once again. I remain somewhat of a minimal user, for whatever reason, usually technical.

Since the Doily Designs account only goes back to 2018, I started looking back and all the missed years, and having flashbacks.

So now that you are caught up πŸ˜… back to why we are here, a walk down Doily Designs Instagram lane....

Doily Designs Instagram Flashback 

2011 -2014

The rustic photos go with the theme.  It starts with a snapshot of some of the first posts that I ever made on Instagram, obviously it was around Autumn. We just Love Fall. 

The spiderweb, blue & black shawls, and the willow blanket, are made by me, but not by Doily Designs. I designed the rugs, earrings, a doily or 2, and the square blankets, and the art is mine πŸ˜….

One more, and I will stop, this was my favorite, but it only ever got one like, so I never made it again, and that was that. They were my own design, but they were square, and I was all about the circles at the time, if you didn't notice. But hey, squares the new round. πŸ˜…

I saw these and I wonder why I didn't I make patterns available for any of these back then?  Then I remember those cute little faces, and I have an 'oh, ya', moment.  πŸ‘ΌπŸ’—

Thank you for stopping by and flashing back with me :)

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Crochet Signature?

Paintings have signatures right, so why not crochet art?

Being the worlds worst about signing my art when it is done, makes it kind of funny that I thought that it was a good idea to sign crochet. 

Every once in a I'll remember to sign something that is near and dear, and while I was finishing up the Texas Pillowcase, I could not resist the urge and attempt to make a CROCHETED SIGNATURE πŸ˜…

So why isn't crochet signed? Maybe it is because it is pretty difficult to embroider on crochet, and there are several easier ways to leave your mark. 

It looks like the crochet signature will take a little more planning and practice, but I like the idea.


And the POP of the blue on the red! :D

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Texas Pillowcase

Crochet Texas flag is a pillowcase that easily slips on and off.

2 different pillowcases above and below; 
above just the flag, below with brown 'faux wood' border.

Find Texas Pillowcase crochet flag pattern here.

I 😍 Texas 

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