September Art Bug

As we journey into September, 2023, it has been especially fun doing a painting a day, 7 paintings in 7 days, painting along with this special lady Michelle the Painter, of Berkshire Paint and Sip. 

Below you can see paintings done following along with Michelle, and how her Fall spirit is in full swing, with paintings like 'Ghost in the Rain' and 'Haunted House', plus many more that you will find on her Youtube channel.

Michelle does a wonderful job guiding you through her lovely paintings, as you create something unexpected and fabulous.  Her reassurance and smooth flow, keep you going and assured it is for fun, and to not take it too seriously. In the end, I am always pleased with how it has all come together, following Michelle's simple steps.

One of the most challenging for me, yet also my favorite, was the 'Beach Crab'. My little lopsided crab brings me much joy.

Paintings together;

'Ghost in the Rain'

'Daisy Guitar'


'Haunted House'

'Pumpkin Truck'

With the coming of Autumn, every year, right on time, the art bug bites, leaving me with a very strong desire to doodle and paint.  Here on Doily Designs, there is a designated space for some of my doodle thoughts and doodle shares, which can be found in the 'Art for fun and meditation' section.  

Paintings above done following along with Michelle the Painter on Youtube.

Thank you for stopping by.

May you find joy and happiness.

Best wishes, happy Fall & happy Autumn PAINTING!

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