Crochet Mandala Tiles

 ~ Decorative Crochet Mandalas to match Kitchen Tiles ~

 ⁕ ⁕ ⁕  Crochet Mandalas   ⁕ ⁕ ⁕

Crochet project inspired by kitchen tiles. 

These handmade tiles from the 80's have a sort of eclectic southwestern feel, and inspired me to crochet something to match.  

Hobby Lobby, "I Love This Yarn",  has these great colors that match very closely to the colors in the tiles and I couldn't be happy with how they turned out. They hang nicely on the walls in the kitchen as decoration.

This project reminds me of how you can draw inspiration from so many things around you in life.

Let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

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Best wishes and happy crocheting!

Camel Cozy


After sharing the wood camel, I was inspired to share another adorable camel that my Mom made and gifted me.  My loving, beautiful, talented Mother made this stunning embroidered camel on a hand made cozy for Christmas one year. It is my favorite, and I absolutely adore it! She does amazing work.

How wonderful is this, I get to carry a camel with me, made with love from my Mom, where ever I want 😍 

You can visit Universal Stitching & Printing Designs if you would like something made specially for you, and find Universal Stitching & Printing Designs on Facebook.

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πŸ’– I love my Mom πŸͺ🐫

Camel Drawings


Cami & Crabby on the beach again ~ 

Lately, I've been quite obsessed with drawing this image of Cami & Crabby, the camel and crab seen in drawing above on the beach. If you do not see me working on one of these drawings these days,  I am probably planning one out in my head πŸ˜… 

This one took about 30 hours of actual drawing with pencil. Much more time doodling and sketching out camels for fun and practice went in to it as well. It has been a project very near and dear to me.

Go to this past Camila & Crabby post to hear more about these two and their beginnings.

I don't know about you, but I'm still partial to the first one, on the right.

This may be the last art post on my main Doily Designs page, but you can always visit my online Art Journal here on Doily Designs, where future art and drawing posts will live. Subscribe to Doily Designs to keep up with the latest.

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Wooden Camel


October 17, 2022

Adorable wood CAMEL 

Back in 2003, for my birthday, my Mom made this wooden CAMEL art piece. 

First, she used her table saw to cut it out of a piece of wood, then burned in the textures, and painted it with stain and gold paint. 

I was living with her at the time, and it had lived with her, hanging on the wall of her home for all these years, until now. For my birthday this year, my Mom surprised me by bringing me this adorable camel. Now it can adorn my wall! Isn't it absolutely precious!

πŸ’– Love ya, Mom!


Mom may not be able to make You one of these cute fella's, but she still makes all kinds of beautiful stuff. If you would like her to make something special for you, please visit Universal Stitching and Printing Designs website, or here on Facebook.

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Wine Glass Drawing

This Wine Glass practice drawing is based on this Pin that caught my eye last year.

This art Pin was great for inspiration. And while I adore Pinterest, and find so much inspiration there, I really miss the 'Tried Pin' feature.  It seems that they did away with it early 2022.
'Tried Pin's' was a fun feature and it is always nice to share feedback. So, hey, Pinterest.... Please bring back 'Tried Pins' feature, we miss this! Who's with me?

If you are not familiar with this feature, click on this Pin link and see my Tried Pin, see others versions of this drawing, and check out and follow my Art board.

This fun practice drawing was done with graphite pencils.

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Best wishes and happy drawing!
Drawing done September 2021

Pencil Drawing of Blackie Cat

Here is another pencil drawings of my cat, Ms Blackerbee, (aka Blackie).

The drawing below was when I thought the picture was done, but as usual, I kept seeing things that needed more work, and honestly I still am. But there is only so much you can do on one picture once you have gone so far. So we will leave Ms Blackerbee as she is. Okay, maybe I will go back and add her eyebrow whiskers :)

Pictured below are the photos that the drawing is based on. Around this time last year I had just finished the oil pastel seen in the background, Ms Blackerbee was very persistently getting in my face and right in the way of the camera. That is until I started trying to take her picture,  of course, then she went and laid down.  I managed a few photos, but since they were cute, but not perfect, I decided to mess them up a little more by trying to draw her 🀣

Yes, the proportions are WAY off, please keep in mind, this is a PRACTICE drawing. πŸ˜‰

Ms Blackerbee shared in the process with me 😍

 Youtube is one of my favorite places to find inspiration and instruction. Recently I found Colored Pencil with Kirsty, a great pencil art instructor with some great drawing tips. Go check her out if you too would like to get tips for pencil drawing, and empress your cat ㋛

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Stop by my new Art Journal page if you would like to see more doodles by Cathleen.

Best wishes and happy drawing!

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