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Hello, my name is Cathleen, and I enjoy sharing and making arts and crafts of all kinds. 

A favorite medium of mine, cultivated through the years, is crochet.

Here on Doily Designs you will find some crochet thoughts and ideas, along with other diy projects, crafts, and more. You will also find links a few free patterns, as well find my patterns and items for sell, available on places like; Etsy, Ravelry, Lovecraft and Amazon.

If you crochet and would like to sell your projects made from my patterns, please do so, and best wishes!  We would love to see your work, so please share. :)

Please do not resell patterns copyrighted by Cathleen Wake Gorbatenko. Please give credit were due.

A stay at home wife, mother, and craft enthusiast, I find a lot of inspiration in doing what I love.

My talented Mother and Grandmother taught me to crochet and knit at a very young age, and as a young child, I began selling simple crochet items at craft shows and fairs with Mom. 

Now, still enjoying one of my favorite mediums through crochet, my growing passion is to share as much as possible with other crocheters through patterns, for them to make and share items for years to come.  

Much care and attention goes into making both my handmade items, as well as my patterns. 

I love my family, life, nature and creating.

Some of my favorite quotes;

Learn something new everyday ~

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you~

Live your dash ~

This blog was meant as a place to share crochet thoughts and ideas with others, but since life has so much to offer, you will find much more here than just crochet, as things make their way and find a home here on Doily Designs Blog. Such as some of my other passions like photography and art.

Here is where i will share some of my joys, in hopes to spark creativity in others.  

Find links for free patterns, as well as patterns for purchase, and hopefully a little inspiration.

Contact me if you have questions, would like to share or for another reason.

We can't wait to see what comes off your hook :)

Thank you for stopping by.

Best wishes!

If you are still reading, here's a little more about me :)

I'm a little bit city and a little bit country.

I was born in a very small town, and lived in an even smaller town, until my Father joined the US Air Force and we moved to Austin, Tx, Southside, where I grew up.  Moving further and further out of Austin through the years, I am back in the country, back to my roots and where my heart longs to be. I love the quiet peaceful nature of country living.

My crochet inspiration is honestly just wild hairs. Bringing together my taste and style and draw to nature,  with my desire to create something original. I usually want something, can't find it, so I make it myself.  I will get an idea stuck in my head and I will work on it for as long as it takes to see it through. Designs like my Pineapple Christmas tree skirt patterns, and American Flag Pattern Collection, have my heart poured into them.

I enjoy working on new, challenging projects, and love hearing others input on all things.

Again, Thank you for stopping by to take a look.

Best wishes!

Speaking of ideas.... The story behind the....


Boho Granny Diverse Stitches American Flag Blanket

My wonderful Father is very politically involved and a very proud Patriot. He served in the US Air Force in the early 70's and continues to share his love for America.
When I first saw a crochet flag, my Dad automatically came to mind. "I should make him one of these!",  I had thought to myself. A few weeks later, his lovely wife was sending me a message with a picture of the same crochet American Flag afghan that I had seen, and telling me that I should make my Dad one. What a funny coincidence, I remember thinking, and that is where the story starts. 
I started to get a little excited, but it would be almost a year before I found time to start on it. Then on my birthday, 2021, driven by an insatiable desire to start making this for my Dad, we found ourselves at the craft store buying yarn for his American flag blanket :).  This would be just the beginning of a long adventure.

There was a pattern I found, and now I had the perfect yarn. So I sat down and began crocheting.... it did not go well. The pattern was not exactly what I was looking for. So, I started sketching out an idea that had been churning in my head for my own flag. After all, creating something uniquely for him would make it that much more special.

In that first week, I learned more about the American flag through the internet than I had known my entire life, and the excitement grew. At this point, I'd decided that not only could I make my father this blanket, but I could create the pattern so that other's could make their fathers one as well, and the love could be shared time and time again.

With all of the political business going on over the years, it was hard for me to not take notice, and this all got me to thinking, things like how could this pattern be something to bring folks together, in a softer way, so to speak. I also wanted to add diversity, and the "Diverse Stitches" kinda stuck, though the stitches came first. Diverse stitches refers to the different choices of stitches that are used to give texture and variety. To me, this adds an illusion of movement, like that of the traditional American flag blowing in the wind. As well as giving a classic crochet look that some might expect from an afghan.

These thoughts gave me ideas for the whole American Flag Crochet Collection, with all the different designs I had pouring over me, including the American Flag Heart Pillow, in different sizes and colors, including rainbow. The versatility of the patterns makes me pleased that people can create something uniquely their own, with the color and design options included with the pattern.

The stitches had meaning to me as I made them, they represent man, woman and child, holding together, with the clusters being the Liberty Bell, joined again with everyone together in a chain, and hanging on with Justice being the foundation. (picture above of work in progress.) The pattern includes other ways besides the diverse stitches to create different looks, giving the same versatility to the blanket pattern, as seen in other patterns included in this collection.

It was important to me, as well as my Dad, that it be the traditional 50 stars and 13 stripes. As well as the stars looking like stars. The design for the Boho Granny Crochet American Flag Blanket had started coming together.

The blanket was inspired by my Dad, but I can not leave out my Mom. My crochet is inspired by my talented Mother and Grandmother. I thank them all! Without them, my life would not be possible and their love has always kept my heart warm.

If you are looking for a special gift to make for a Patriotic loved one, or yourself, this could be just the gift.

...and finally, Dad got his blanket ☺♡

Growing up in Austin, Tx, the land of the weird, I had never been very political myself, I preferred to avoid politics all together. But these past days and times, there has been the need to think on these things and a need to come together and find peaceful resolution in difficult things. With the crochet American flag blanket pattern, I hope to keep spreading the idea of the American dream, of Unity, Freedom, Liberty and Justice for all, in a soft, warm, snuggly way, One stitch at a time. 

Thank you for stopping by.

May you find joy and inspiration!

Happy crocheting!!

Going around full circle.

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