Thoughts About Reading Crochet Patterns

Lately, Mom will say to me, "To bad that I don't read crochet patterns."  Which seems very strange to me, as my Mom is where I get my 'can do' attitude, and were I learned to crochet.

There is the fact that I taught myself to read patterns back in the early 2000's, so I guess. And, does this mean that she freeform crocheted all that she ever made? Yes, yes she did. 

Wow, Mom! She made so many crochet things! Even made her own Christmas Tree, and repeated her design. One Christmas she even me a barbie sweater that was my favorite gift that year, and a huge King size zigzag blanket another year. Thinking back, it is true, all the items that we had crocheted or knitted together, not one of them was from reading a pattern.  

Mom was always more into fabric. In 2001, I was starting to get hooked on yarn. I had found a fantastic book at a local thrift store that was a crochet, knitting, and tatting dictionary, and when I found the crochet section in the book, I was fascinated. I had never seen so many crochet stitches!  I began to learn crochet stitches, one by one, both by written instruction, as well as the diagrams in the book that were exceptionally drawn. I attribute these diagrams to the ease that I later had figuring out how to read crochet graphs, which are actually much easier than even written patterns. I think that my Grandmother read the square crochet graphs.

At the yarn store, I would pick up a free pattern here or there, and would figure out what it was saying, even if I did not make the item, it was good practice reading the patterns.

Fearlessly crocheting with my trusty book, I added to my stitch knowledge, and began to write my own patterns. Knowing stitches was great, but I wanted things that I could not find patterns for, like a bikini, so I created my own, like my Mom πŸ’œ. 

Now we have the internet, so there is way less excuses, and way more resources. 

'I don't read patterns.'    I say, Mhhh, 'If you want to, you probably can, it really isn't that difficult.' Having a hook and yarn on hand would be the biggest hurdle for most.

With crochet, there are not as many hard and fast rules that you must follow to create something, so you have more freedom to freeform crochet, and it still turn out beautiful. This is one reason that I've preferred crochet to knitting from the beginning of my hooked on yarn journey. Silly me, I like to color outside the lines, sometimes. If you know basic crochet stitches, you can usually make something simple.

With all of the many resources available in this technology age, there really isn't much excuse, except maybe you just really don't want to, and that is okay, maybe later. You can still grab a hook and crochet away, like Mom, with her can do attitude.

For those that Do want to read crochet patterns, there are many great resources. Searching for specific stitches and tutorials, patterns free and paid, all a breeze with so many great crocheters having shared a treasure trove of information on Youtube, they're blogs, and more. A yarn lovers dream. Though that is another story, i didn't always like yarn. The 70's had to pass for that to happen ;) .

Check the list of links here on Doily Designs to find some of my favorite crocheters to draw inspiration from. One of these fantastic crocheters sharing on Youtube is Naztazia. Donna has great stitch tutorials for beginners and advanced crocheters.

My Mom is also my inspiration for making my patterns readable for all, and she inspired the addition of lots of photos, graphs, and videos coming soon.

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Best wishes, and happy crocheting!

American Flag Throw Blanket

Junior American Flag Throw Blanket Pattern Release

Father's Day 2024

American Flag Junior Throw Blanket Pattern measures approximately 48 x 68 inches 
(114.3 x 172.72 cm) With the same unique diverse stitch design, and look as the King/Queen pattern, you can share your love for America in a warm and snuggly way.

New Junior flag pattern, and King/Queen pattern, both include medium American Flag Heart Pillow pattern free with your purchase of either crochet flag blanket pattern.

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Sunflower & Fingerless Wrist Warmer

Combination of three free patterns from Doily Designs 
for these fun summertime wrist warmers.

Free crochet patterns for;

(scroll to bottom of Sunflower to google doc link for free pattern)

Even in this hot summer weather, you might find me sporting my wrist warmers, especially  when my carpal tunnels syndrome acts up. They are just the right weight and size for everyday wear to keep my wrists feeling a little more support and warmth.  Why not make them a little more seasonal, and decorate them with some flowers. Of course, I like my browns, and the color combo is right up my alley, but these could be done in any combination of colors, different size flowers, or several flowers, for whatever look that you are after. 🌼

Happy with the results, I can't wait for cooler weather, so I can wear them all the time. πŸ˜…

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Americana Bunting

 Large Americana Bunting

Large Bunting Pattern is now available in a 2 pattern bundle with the Tiny Americana Bunting Pattern on Etsy. Doily Designs pattern bundle gives instruction for the large 9 inch bunting, and the tiny 5 inch bunting. The new Large Bunting Pattern uses a fun, useful new stitch, and works up quickly, for a great Holiday addition or gift.

Bunting can be made with or without shell edging for a more plain or classic look, on tiny or large buntings.

Works with or without crocheted top edge.

Get in the Holiday Spirit this 4th of July, and share your American Pride with these quick and easy, crochet flag bunting patterns. Great for indoor and outdoor.

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Mandala Doily Stool Cover

Drunken Lotus Mandala Stool Cover

Mandala doily stool covers are a great way to spruce up your decor, as well as save the stools original surface from wear and tear. Easily removed for change of color or washing.

This pattern is part of the Brown Lotus Mandala Doily Stool Cover Collection, which includes the Drunken Lotus, and Dark Brown Lotus seen below.

Drunken Granny pictured below with inverted colors in the middle section, and shorter rounds to fit a smaller stool.

πŸ˜… It was originally the Drunken Owl Pillow Cover, but morphed to a stool cover, and dropped the owl. The original idea for the stool covers comes from 2015, and my Brown Lotus Stool Cover, that are being revived to pair with the Drunken Lotus. Funny enough, this was one of my first posts here on Doily Designs. Of course, with my existing Americana theme, I could not resist making it in red, white, and blue, which screamed to me Drunken Granny, with its 'not your granny's crochet', chunky, Boho crochet style, a little of this and that, and some freestyle, but still a little of that old classic crochet charm.

Stool covers can be made for small 13 inch stools to large 15 inch stools with adjustable pattern. Easily adjusted to fit a multitude of stool sizes.

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Crochet Join with Single Crochet

There are a few new to me stitches that I have been using lately that have me blown away at their ease and effectiveness.

One of these new stitches is the Sc Join or BegSc. I will post how to do it, in case it is new to others as well. If you know this stitch, and/or what it is called in patterns, please share. Some of you may have already been doing this for years, others, like me may have never heard of joining without a slip stitch.

To do BegSc/ScJoin, you start like you are doing a Sl st, with a loop knotted on your hook, insert hook where you want to attach it, YO, pull thru 2 loops on the hook = Sc made, with no slip stitch.  Note that it helps to keep the yarn loops loose a little to pull thru, as well as holding the tail, and after you have made your stitch, you can pull it tighter, as needed.

From now on, when I am able, I just make the BegSc, no slip stitch. This BegSc works just doing your Sc, which can be your stitch, or the Sc can be expanded to make a Hdc, Dc, Tr, and works very nicely with the Naztazia's BegDc/Tr beginning stitch, previously mentioned here on Doily Designs.

Wow, so simple. How did I not think of or find this sooner?   I guess sometimes we can get stuck in our ways and believe that they are the only ways. πŸ˜‚  

I have attempted to make you guys a video with the BegSc as well as the BegDc. Hopefully with practice the videos will get better. πŸ˜…

Photo for aesthetics. Watch for the Dark Brown Lotus Mandala Doily Collection coming soon. 

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