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Crochet Spring Garden Tote

Crochet Spring Garden Tote

Digital download of crochet flowers photo available at Peach Creek Printing Etsy.

Custom orders, including pattern, and crochet items are always welcome, at; Doily Designs Etsy.

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Solar Eclipse Shadows 2023

Check out the first ever video on my Youtube Channel. Video is of the crazy shadows cast by the October, 2023 solar eclipsed as viewed from the Texas Hill Country.

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Pencil Drawing of Blackie Cat

Here is another pencil drawings of my cat, Ms Blackerbee, (aka Blackie).

The drawing below was when I thought the picture was done, but as usual, I kept seeing things that needed more work, and honestly I still am. But there is only so much you can do on one picture once you have gone so far. So we will leave Ms Blackerbee as she is. Okay, maybe I will go back and add her eyebrow whiskers :)

Pictured below are the photos that the drawing is based on. Around this time last year I had just finished the oil pastel seen in the background, Ms Blackerbee was very persistently getting in my face and right in the way of the camera. That is until I started trying to take her picture,  of course, then she went and laid down.  I managed a few photos, but since they were cute, but not perfect, I decided to mess them up a little more by trying to draw her 🀣

Yes, the proportions are WAY off, please keep in mind, this is a PRACTICE drawing. πŸ˜‰

Ms Blackerbee shared in the process with me 😍

 Youtube is one of my favorite places to find inspiration and instruction. Recently I found Colored Pencil with Kirsty, a great pencil art instructor with some great drawing tips. Go check her out if you too would like to get tips for pencil drawing, and empress your cat ㋛

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Stop by my new Art Journal page if you would like to see more doodles by Cathleen.

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Leaves of Change

🍁 Hello Fall 🍁

πŸ‚ Beautiful changing colors of Autumn πŸ‚

Mix of plants make a lovely landscape.

      πŸ‚ Colorful sprouts of Creeping Fig Ivy πŸ‚


Don't let the time slip away. 
Make the most of every day.


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Weird Texas Plants and Wild Flowers

Flowers and plants photographed in Central Texas.
Part 2 

These are some of the more interesting, unusual, and prickly, Texas wildflowers I've photographed.

Go to Wildflower pictures Part 1 for more pictures, or visit ShutterStock to see more and/or purchase photographs.

Texas Prickly Poppy
Very thorny, desert rose.

This tall plant is covered in spikes, even the bulbs dare you to touch them.

Blossom attracts many pollinators with its lovely yellow pollen.

Antelope Horn Milkweed 
(Asclepias asperula)

Cow Parsley
(Anthriscus sylvestris)
Flowering before turning to 'stickers'.

Red Texas Yucca


Upright Prairie Coneflower, aka, Mexican Hat
(Ratibida columnifera)

Photos by Cathleen Wake Gorbatenko

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Wildflowers in Texas

Flowers photographed in Texas

Photographs by Cathleen Wake Gorbatenko
Please visit ShutterStock to see more pictures and purchase photographs by Cathleen.

Texas Bluebonnet
(Lupinus texensis)

(Lantana camara)


Pearl Milkweed Vine
(Matelea reticulate)
The seed pods are interesting but even more so, are the tiny, thick green, 5 petal flowers with the pearl like center. So green and lovely.

Texas Sage
(Leucophyllum frutescens)

Texas Thistle
(Cirsium texanum)



(Nerium oleander)

Mountain Pink, aka Quinine Weed or Rock Century

(Zeltnera beyrichii)

Prairie Vervain (Glandularia bipinnatifida)

(Commelina communis)

Texas Sunflower

Pride of Barbados
(Caesalpinia pulcherrima)

More to come in Part 2, Flowers Photographed in Texas, such as the....
Peach tree blossom.


Photos by Cathleen Wake Gorbatenko

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Cranberry Pineapple Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

⭐  Doily Designs Cranberry Pineapple  Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern One of a kind tree skirt  is an eye catching take on the classic ...