Poetry by Whisper

Dark & inspirational poems by Whisper

Shattered Glass

Mirror Mirror on the wall
    Brake the glass & bare it all.
Come to me in softer form,
     Shattered glass, blood so warm.
Hardened soul from this life,
    All the pain, all the strife.
Find a way to escape,
    So life can take another shape.

Mirror Mirror, tell me true,
    When I die, do I start new?
What awaits  me when I go?
    Shattered glass, let me know!
Growing dimmer, getting bright,
    Should I go into the light?
Choices I have made before,
    This life I can no more endure.

Mirror Mirror on the wall,
    Show me now before I fall.
Mirror says, leave Heavens door,
    For this pain there is a cure.
Life is better than now it seems,
    Shattered glass & tattered dreams.
Change is coming on the way.
    Mirror tells me, I must stay.

Mirror Mirror seeing all,
    In this life, will I fall?
Choices I have yet to make,
    Don't let me die before I wake,
I want life & all its dreams,
    Even if it's not as it seems.

Mirror Mirror reflect my soul,
    Show me my life & my goals.
Mirror sees what I've been hiding,
    Behind the glass there's someone shining.

~ Whisper (2002)
{aka CWG}

Out on a Limb

Out on  a limb ~ up in a tree
Clear out your mind ~ let it be free
Clear out the clutter
    Deep in your soul
Reach down inside you
    And just ~ let it go
With the baggage you carry
    Its harder to climb
It will weigh you down
    and waste your time
We have to collect it
    Then ~ let it go
'Cause the baggage is garbage
    That wont let you grow ~

~ Whisper (2002)

Thank you for stopping by.

(Whisper ~ aka ~ CWG)


Collection of Energy

Collection of energy

        Gathered in a ball.

Force of every living thing

        A speck within it all.

Searching for the answers

        Locked in the mind.

Little fallen soldiers

        Collecting over time.

The answers are within you

        You just have to ask.

Figuring out the questions

        A soldiers hardest task.

Then comes the asking

        & you must let the answers in.

With the questions answered

        The soldier falls again.

Constant destruction

        Nature is her name.

Little fallen soldiers

        Chess pawns in the game.

Collection of energy

        Gathered in a ball.

Each question & every answer

        A speck within it all.

~ Whisper (2002)

Poetry by Whisper

(aka CWG)

Bad Monkey

Bad Monkey

The world is a Jungle & all the cities Zoos
Primates around the world do what their told to do
Breeding ignorance & killing any hope
Independance crap & freedom thats a joke
Political Gorillas pushing Monkeys down
Hired Corporate Apes to push them around
They get in your face, point a finger & they scold

Tangled in the Jungle, caught up in the maze
Blindly buying in to other Monkey ways
All around the world doing what their told to do
Flocking together, Monkey see, Monkey do
Working long & hard every single day
& still on the bottom Monkey always seems to stay
Then they point a finger & they point & they scold

~ Whisper
(aka CWG ~ shared Oct 19, 22)

To live a Happy life, You must be Happy

To live a Peaceful life, You must be Peaceful

To live a more Productive life, You must be more Productive

Do you start to see a pattern here?

To live and achieve dreams and desires must start with You.


Leaves of Change

Hello Fall

Goodbye Summer

Don't let the time slip away.
Know you are blessed to have this day.

With every second in every day, our time is spent. 
Days, minutes, seconds; spent, gone, done, and often times forgotten. 
Months, years, days, hours,
Minutes, seconds; gone.
But we have the choice to use our time, our life, wisely.

Be your best you, hold on to your truth, see the good with the bad. 
Be real. Be you. 
Be happy. Be sad.
Know that you are blessed to have that second and every other in the first place.
Be grateful, gracious and kind. 
Be strong, courageous and wise.
Be aware of how you spend your time. 

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your time.

"Feel the new winds of change, on the wings of the night." Pink Floyd, Turning Away

October 31, 2022

So, ya....
For those wondering, Whisper is my poetry pen name. Don't ask me why, it just stuck back when I was writing a lot more, and I wanted a pen name, Whisper stuck.

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