American Flag Blanket

Crochet American Flag Blanket Pattern

Crochet pattern now available on Etsy, and Ravelry.

Updated pattern includes other ways besides the diverse stitches to create different looks, giving the same versatility to the blanket pattern, as seen in other patterns included in this collection.

Above: Moms Blanket ♡ 2022

With all of the political business going on over the years, it was hard for me to not take notice, and this all got me to thinking, things like how could this pattern be something to bring folks together, in a softer way, so to speak. The "Diverse Stitches" kinda stuck, though the stitches came first. Diverse stitches refers to the different choices of stitches that are used to give texture and variety. To me, this adds an illusion of movement, like that of the traditional American flag blowing in the wind. As well as giving a classic crochet look that some might expect from a crochet afghan.

Dads blanket, 2021

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 American Flag Collection 

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