Sewing Machine Cover

Sewing machine cover and gift set.

Sewing machine cover pattern found in a magazine, made for my m.i.l. years ago. 

First quilting project ever and it was pretty addictive. 

The flowers turned out cute and I like the idea of using ribbon and scrap fabric to make flowers. 

Buttons were used in center of flowers and a little covered box in matching fabric to store what nots in, made with a cardboard gift box.
The gift bags are hand made as well. Painted picture on brown bag, with holes and yarn for handle. 

The sewing box was store bought, but went well with the theme.

Handmade card is paper 'stained glass'.

This was a fun to make birthday gift.

Thank you for stopping by.
May you find joy and inspiration in life.
Best wishes and happy crafting!

Years ago, when we would visit Grandma's (aka, my m.i.l.), she would always be sewing something for her home, so on her birthday, after seeing a sewing machine cover in a magazine, I was inspired to gift her a handmade sewing machine cover.
Doing a lot of sewing myself at the time, I knew how nice a machine cover could be, and maybe if it is interesting enough, she would use it more. She loves light colors, and I happened to have some scrap material, from her, that worked out perfect. This was my first quilting adventure. It was quite fun and inspired me to make more quilted items later.

This amazing puzzle was put together by my S.I.L. ⛪🧩

Happy Birthday!!

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