Doily Designs

 Doily Designs 

In 2011, I began crocheting in the round and was hooked. ∞ Crocheting itself is very therapeutic and meditative and in the round is the cherry on top. Round and round, row after row, coming full circle. It is so very satisfying. In the round offers so much inspiration, there are endless possibilities of things to make. After making one doily like design after another, like the ones below, the name Doily Designs was born.

A few of my Doily Designs~

Doily Designs earrings from 2011

 Doily Designs Blanket, 2012.


Doily Designs tree skirt, 2012. First published pattern, for purchase,  2018.

2012, Doily Designs Shells & Lace Doily Rug.  Lovingly, inspired by wanting to make my Mother-in-Law a unique and special gift.

Custom Rug and Blanket order for babies room, photo courtesy of customer.

Doily Designs Shirt, inspired design, 2015

Doily Designs, Mint Chocolate Chip Mandala Doily, 2014. 
(Free pattern at Doily Designs)

 I'll finish up with the new large tree skirt pattern.  Large Cranberry Pineapple Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern now available on Etsy.


Always aspiring to find new concepts and create new joy.....

Keeping the traditions going and growing!

Thank you for stopping by!

Bee drawing by Liz 🐝☕🐝

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