Camel and Crab Drawing


Camila & Crabby

Camels are just so AWESOME! 

I've been adoring camels, collecting camels and trying to draw camels since the 90's. Camels are so adorable and amazing that I am just nuts about them!

These two have been such an inspiration, and hearing their tales of camels and the beach had inspired me to draw more camels. 

As usual, I turned to Pinterest for camel picture inspiration and found this awesome photograph of a camel laying in the sand looking at a dung beetle, photographed by Sam Rowely.         

Since seeing this photograph, this cute camel was stuck in my head and yearning to come to life in a drawing.

It floated around for months in my head, and I practiced on this and that, until finally my drawing started to come together and come to life. 

Crab drawing practice below. Feeling Crabby?

Camel, affectionately named Camila and her friend Crabby, drawing is very far from perfect, but it is what was trapped inside my head all these months, and I am happy to finally be able to share it with my Uncle.  So for now, I will let this sleepy camel lie, and be content with how it is. This cute camel drawing is available for download in Peach Creek Printing's Etsy shop, for those who would like to hang out with this camel a little longer.

Below is my attempt in oil pastels, with the dung beetle.

Sam Rowely is the talented young photographer that captured this adorable camel photo while in the desert. Sam's wonderful picture was published in StoryTrender where you can read about his photograph and adventure.

Dung beetle 🐞 in Texas.

Inspired by nature!

Thank you for stopping by.
May you find joy and inspiration!
Best wishes and happy drawing, and photographing!!

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