Doily Rug

Crochet Doily Rugs

The always fun and useful crochet Doily RUG is a summertime favorite of mine.

Pictured above is a custom rug made based on a customers ideas, along with the a Willow blanket for her beautiful nursery. Photo courtesy of the customer.  

Below and front is a rope rug made with Creative Jewish Mom's wonderful crochet rug pattern. To the back is Doily Designs Shells n Lace doily rug.

The first and original of my shells n lace doily rugs were very inspired by the beautiful design by Villa Varisksenmarja of Creative Jewish Mom.  She was among the first, that I found, to share patterns for the doily rug craze in 2011. Her beautiful design had a big influence on my desire to create and crochet in the round, as well as my Shells n Lace rug pattern.

Below, a larger Shells n Lace Doily Rugs.


A BIG, fun, and challenging Pineapple DOILY RUGs.

7 foot Doily Rug for a wedding prop.

small Black Mandala Doily Rug

Below Doily Designs Shells n Lace Doily Rug and Pineapple Throw

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May you find joy and inspiration!
Best wishes and happy crocheting!!

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