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🌟 Cranberry & Pineapple  Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt   Pattern This eye catching take on classic vintage Pineapple crochet design is a one of a kind tree skirt, that has both an antique feel with a modern, chunky style.  I am excited to share the Pineapple Christmas tree skirt with You!  This pattern is now available in my  Etsy  shop. Or, you can visit  Ravelry  and add your project! :) Tree skirts are also available for purchase, custom made, in my  Etsy  shop.  Now you can create your own heirloom tree skirt using the Cranberry & Pineapple Christmas tree skirt pattern.  If you would like to purchase a tree skirt already made in my  Etsy  shop, there are many colors you can choose from to fit your style. If you do not find your color, convo me for options. I am always happy to fill custom orders and thrilled to hear other peoples ideas. Whether you make your own or purchase one from me, I hope that you enjoy this t

The story behind the Flavors
Cranberry Pineapple
White Chocolate
Crochet Christmas 
Tree Skirts

This is the Cranberry Pineapple Crochet Christmas tree skirt first came together in 2012. The tree skirt sold fine on Etsy for all these years, with the occasional request for the pattern.

In 2018 I was inspired to share the pattern. All these years I had been using my notes and memory and had not taken time to formally write it down. So, I began, from the beginning, writing and testing. In the process, I made many tree skirts. As I made them, I start to get more ideas.
 To clarify, I used the yarn that was on hand, and usually I have a lot of brown yarn. 

So, I had made all these brown tree skirts. You heard right, Brown Christmas tree skirts. And here I am, so happy with them :) and as I made one after the other, my mind fills with possibilities of just this one pattern.  Getting very excited about publishing at this point, which meant more pictures, more skirts, etc. I would start a new color…still using the colors I had on hand, and I crocheted on.

Maybe it was Thanksgiving in the air, and that I had food on the brain, but I started associating the colors with names of food. And of course, White Chocolate, Chocolate, my daughter added Snickerdoodle….I think she was Snicker-doodling at me running around calling colors food.  I was nuts with the flavors. I would see yarn and try and figure out what Christmas food flavor it could be....Cranberry & Pineapples was born, after all it was the most popular color and would go on the cover of the pattern.  Now, Hmmm? What color was I going to make next? 

 Figgy Pudding! It had my favorite color, with contrasting white & that nice pop of color from the Holly.  I loved the idea and 5 days later, Figgy Pudding Pineapple Christmas Tree Skirt was born.  

Hopefully the tree skirts and tree skirt patterns brings JOY to others, as it has to me on this wonderful adventure. 

Pictured below, Peppermint Swizzle, a.k.a. Peppermint Twist Hot Chocolate.

The peppermint swizzle in itself has inspired the "Swizzle", (red and white pictured below).

The Peppermint is similar to Gingerbread.

There was an order a few years back for a Grey Peppermint Swizzle tree skirt. The grey turned out rather pretty, I think. 

I ended up selling several of the brown tree skirts that year and the next, if you are curious. 

Sample of the browns :D

Top Flavors: Cranberry, White Chocolate and Snow....
maybe I will rename Snow, Frosting. hmmm...
What do you think?

Check back to see my latest designs!

Pattern now available in my Etsy shop.

Thank you for stopping by!


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