Easter Trees

🌲🐇🐰 Easter Trees 🐰🐇🌲 

Making Christmas tree skirts year round, I will sometimes still have the Christmas tree up even until after Easter. So what better way to have it blend in than to make it an Easter tree!

The kids and me had made several different crafty Easter trees through the years, and I thought, why not deck out the Christmas tree for Easter?  I think it looks cute with all the eggs. You could even add more decorations to make it even more festive!

Easter tree inspiration 


These two trees are great for toddlers. You can draw egg shapes on cardboard and have the children paint them, then cut out the eggs, trace their arm on brown construction paper and glue the trunk and eggs on paper. Super easy and fun!
Or hand trees are always fun for the kids. Then the children used stickers to decorate.

🌲🐇🐰 Happy Easter 🐰🐇🌲

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