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🌟 Cranberry & Pineapple  Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt   Pattern This eye catching take on classic vintage Pineapple crochet design is a one of a kind tree skirt, that has both an antique feel with a modern but warm, chunky style.   I am excited to share the Pineapple Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern with you. N ow available in Doily Designs  Etsy  shop. Now also on  Ravelry   Create your own heirloom tree skirt using the Cranberry & Pineapple Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern .  Tree skirts are available for purchase custom made, on  Etsy .   If you would like to share a tree skirt you made, we would love to see! You may do so on Ravelry . If you are not a member, it is very easy to join and you will love the patterns available to you.  Whether you make your own or purchase one from Doily Designs, I truly hope that you enjoy this tree skirt for many years to come! For more info on the tree skirt, please visit my Etsy  shop .

Crochet Tiny Star Pattern

 Tiny ⭐ Star

Free crochet pattern for tiny star.

This tiny crochet star works up in a flash, to make several for appliqués or whatever else you can think of. 

Written in US terms
Skill: Easy
Yarn: Most any yarn should work, a very small amount (approximately 1 yd a star)
Hook: E (4 - 3.5mm)
Gauge: not crucial

Stitch Key
Ch: Chain
Sl st: Slip Stitch
Mr: Magic ring **see special stitches below

To make;

1)  Make a Mr,

2) (Ch 2, Sl st into 2nd Ch, Sl st into Mr) repeat 5 x's for 5 point star. 

Pull tail gently but firmly and securely closed, fasten off....

 Make sure the tail is pulled tightly with no hole in center, you may feel a slight pop as it untwist to pull out slack. Do not pull too tightly as this can break the yarn. 

Weave last used end into beg Ch 1 sp, this helps connect that stitch and shape your heart. Weave other end. Give points a little tug for shape. 

**Special Stitches**
Magic ring: Holding yarn between thumb and first 2 fingers on left hand, wrap yarn around first 2 fingers so yarn falls to the back and furthest away from you, insert hook between these 2 fingers and under the top strand, grab second strand next to it with your hook and pull yarn through the loop. Make a chain and begin the pattern, working in the circle around tail of yarn.  For closing, untwist the tail from the loop, join before pulling tightly closed, pull gently but firmly, closing slack in the center circle.

Happy Independence Day!

Please, convo if you have questions or comments.

Use the Tiny Star to make a Crochet Firecracker Charm.

Tiny Star would make a great addition to the new Small Crochet American Flag Heart Plush Pillow!

You can find plush pillow pattern in Doily Designs Etsy shop.

Thank you for stopping by.

May you find joy and inspiration in life.

Best wishes & happy crocheting!


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