Planter Cozy

 Super Simple Planter 🍀 Cozy

This was a quick addition to a gift for my MIL. I had designed her the Crochet Mandala Doily Rug. It was made with 2 strands of cotton held together, and when I finished, there was lots of leftover yarn. These yarn scraps were great for adding a few small gifts to match her rug gift. One of these small gifts was this simple planter cover. It slides on and off easily, and for decorative purpose and extra security, it has a drawstring bow. There is no bottom, to allow for water drainage.

I recommend cotton for this, but you could use anything you choose. Here is a quick rundown of what I did. Sorry, it is not in pattern format.

Using a large hook, like a K hook. 
Make a Ch long enough to fit around the planter, in multiples of 5. 
You do not want it loose or the finished cozy may be too loose. 
Join without twisting, with a Sl st in beg Ch, 
(Ch 5 = Dc), (Ch 2, Dc) in same sp,
 *Skip 1, (Dc, Ch 2, Dc),* repeat * to * around. 
Joining with Sl st in 3rd Ch of beg Ch 5,
Sl st into Ch 2 sp,
Repeating (V = Dc, Ch 2, Dc), in each Vst's Ch 2 space, for as many rnds as needed. FO. Make a Ch for a drawstring, and thread through each V.

I designed and gave her these back in 2011. She had that pot sitting outside for more than 5 years, nurturing the plant we had given her. She ended up planting the flowers in her garden and retiring the pot. The rug was also there for just as long, if not longer. I still see her put it out every now and then. ♡ 

Crochet Mandala Doily Rug

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