Easy Crochet Everyday Fingerless Gloves

Everyday Fingerless Gloves 

Crochet Pattern

With the cold weather upon us, I wanted to share my quick and easy, hand warmer crochet pattern. I like the comfort of these gloves and the versatility of the pattern.  Great for everyday wear. Please read through before you begin. You will want to make these hand warmers to fit you comfortably, and since everyone is shaped differently, this is a general guide. You will need to measure as you go.

Easy Crochet Everyday Fingerless Gloves

Pattern by Doily Designs Cathleen Wake Gorbatenko ©2021

Written in US crochet terms (Downloadable pattern free on Google Docs)

Skill: Intermediate (experienced beginner, easy crochet)

Size: G (7-4.5mm) hook

Yarn: one skein, size 4, worsted weight yarn (I used; Caron Simply Soft and other soft size 4 worsted weight yarn)

Stitch key

Ch: Chain

Sl st: Slip stitch

Sc: Single crochet

Hdc: Half Double Crochet

Note that Ch 2 at end of rows counts as Hdc

Helpful notes: (Pattern follows below)

*  Instructions are for Medium women's size gloves. To make smaller or larger gloves,

   add or subtract multiples of 2 to your chain, 

*  Measuring the chain against your hand as you go. 

*  Do not stretch the chain when measuring.

*  You will make a rectangle until you have reached your desired size, measure the

   rectangle, long ways around your hand, continue until it feels comfortable, but not


*  Once you reach the desired fit, you will join the rectangle with a seam using a Sl st,

   leaving a hole for the thumb.

*  Wrist cuff is then crocheted around the bottom, continuing to desired length of  

   cuff. (I find the short cuff works best for this glove.)

*  You will finish with optional scalloped edge, Sc, or you can leave it as is.

Note: Each chain at end of row, counts as 1st st in next row. Make sure to do this chain loosely, this will help get the hook in the Ch sp, as needed, see below; Hdc into 2nd turning Ch.

~Easy Everyday Fingerless Glove Pattern~

Pattern written for Medium gloves. Add or subtract, multiples of 2 for larger or smaller gloves, measuring as you go.

Fnd:  Ch 18, turn. (16 + 2) 

Row 1:  Hdc in 4th Ch from the hook, Hdc in each Ch across, Ch 2, turn.  (16 Hdc)

Row 2:  Hdc in each Hdc across, Ch 2, turn.  (16 Hdc)

Repeat Row 2 until rectangle fits snuggly around hand. 

I do 20 rows for size Medium (pictured). 

Keep in mind that you do not want it to be loose, and that it will stretch a tiny bit. It is better to take a row out and make it a little more snug than to leave a row if it is loose, unless you like a loose fit.

Join sides together at upper edge with a Sl st, and Sl st to thumb hole, for medium this is 6 sts to thumb hole from the top of the glove.  Join new strand with Sl st on other side of thumb hole, 3 sts for medium, I start this join in the 3rd st from the bottom edge of the glove, join with Sl St in 3 sts and Sl st in 3 sp to the edge of the glove, then continue around the bottom edge. Note that you could fasten off and join at each new point if you would prefer.

Turn  right side out, with seam on the inside, and try on. If satisfied, continue around bottom to start on wrist cuff, working with right side out.

Wrist: Continuing around edge from the side join, (or join with sl st where seam joins at the bottom of the glove), Ch 1, Sc around every Hdc, so here I will do 20 Sc around the bottom of the glove since I did 20 Hdc, joining in 1st sc, without turning, Ch 2, Hdc in each Sc around. Join in 2nd st of turning Ch, equalling 20 Hdc. Repeat until desired length of wrist band is reached. Pictured are 8 rnds. You can do more or less rounds for desired length.  Continue with the wrist cuff until you reach the length you want, try on the glove, when satisfied, fasten off, or continue with edging.

For the edge, you could do a Sc around each outer edge, try the small scallop edge below, or do your own thing.

Optional Scallop Edge on Top:  Join at seam on top edge of the glove, Ch 1, *Skip 1 st, 3 Sc in next st*, repeat * to * around, join in 1st st. Fasten off. Weave ends.

Have fun with them!

I like the comfort of these gloves and the versatility of the pattern.  Great for everyday wear.

Please email with questions or comments.

Thank you for stopping by.
Hope that you find joy & inspiration!
Best wishes and happy crocheting!!

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