Firecracker Pop Decoration

                                                     Firecracker Pop

Fun putting Dollar store pieces together for Memorial Day, and Independence Day Holiday Decorations.

Some metallic pipe cleaners, and foil stars, coupled with a few flags, and pinwheels, put in blue glasses and vases, for this easy festive centerpiece.

Pipe cleaners were twisted around a large dowel to make it spiral, and added to stars with ribbon, and secured to a pen (for mutli-purpose decoration).

Another decoration that is super easy, is this star garland. Stars are cut in various sizes and colors from foam board, cardboard, and construction paper, as well as star stickers, and layered together for this great look.

These are a fun addition to the festive decorations for a photo shoot of the American Flag Crochet Collection.

Thank you for stopping by.

Best wishes, and happy decorating!

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