Junior vs King/Queen American Flag Blanket

American Flag Blanket Junior size is smaller than the Queen/King, but still fits a king size bed!

Junior measures approximately 48 x 68 inches (121 x 172 cm) 

While King/Queen measures approximately 68 x 80 inches (172 x 203 cm)

Find blankets and blanket patterns on Etsy.

Original design was 48 x 68, but pattern was written for 68 x 80.
While the King/Queen is great, I will say, the Junior has so much to offer; less yarn needed, less time needed to be invested, lighter, and because of size, more useable, just to name a few reasons.

After numerous requests for the smaller size, Junior blankets are available on Etsy, as well as we are working on the smaller size pattern to be available soon.

New 2.0 Junior American Flag Blanket Pattern uses some great new stitch techniques, as mentioned, less yarn, with the same design flexibility and aesthetic.

Check back soon for Junior pattern, or hop over to Etsy, and grab an already made blanket for yourself or a friend.

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More Crochet for Mom

 Crochet Rose Scrubby and Washcloth

This Mother's Day I wanted to give flowers that would not die, plus something useful, so, I made a simple rose with leaves, and loop to hang, to create a decoration or scrubby. Then I coupled the rose with a washcloth from the Americana Washcloth Pattern, but made in yellow, to create this fun kitchen/bath set. 

Set makes a nice gift, coupled with some special soap or face cream. Great for Mom, teachers or friends.

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Best wishes, happy crocheting, and Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day Crochet

Mothers Day 2024

A favorite for Mother's Day, the Cranberry Pineapple Christmas Tree Skirt pattern. Crochet pattern gives Mom something to get started on way ahead of Christmas, or for you to start on, for Ma, if you are the crocheter. :) 

Unique take on the traditional crochet pineapple design, using chunky crochet style. 

Original 43" tree skirt, and Large 60" tree skirt patterns, available as a bundle, or sold separately. 

This and every Mother's day, I am so grateful for my WONDERFUL Mother πŸ’– and Grandmother πŸ’–πŸ’– 
My life would not be the same without their guidance, inspiration, encouragement, and LOVEπŸ’–   
My Awesome Mom learned to crochet from her Mom, and I learned from her. For her, to see me still crocheting, and the tradition go on, makes Mom happy, and that makes me happy πŸ’–  I am glad to tell her one of her granddaughters has finally decided to pick up the hook! :)

The Cranberry Pineapple tree skirt pattern was inspired in part by my Grandmother and her lovely crochet.  πŸ’–


Crochet is great for mind, body, heart, and soul.

Best wishes, happy crocheting, and Happy Mother's Day! 

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or visit Doily Designs Etsy to see all purchase options. Printed and mailed, color copies, in original and small sizes available, as well as instant pdf downloads.

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Americana Crochet

Get started decorating for Memorial Day, 

Celebrate 4th of July early,

Share your American Pride Year round!

Start on the flag collection with a taste of Doily Designs patterns with the fun Americana Coaster pattern. Work your way up, and share your American pride in a warm and snuggly way with the Boho Granny American Flag Blanket. Set the table with the Diverse Stitch Doily, Watermelon Doilies, and make clean up is a breeze with the Patriotic Dishcloth. 

Items and patterns are part of the Boho Granny Crochet American Flag Pattern Collection and can be found on Doily Designs Etsy

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Americana Water Bottle Tote

Wine & Water Bottle Holder in Americana design

We definitely have a new addition to the Boho Granny American Flag Pattern Collection!

Americana Style Water Bottle Tote

The water bottle holder is even more fun and interesting done in red, white, and blue. With this festive Americana style tote, you can stylishly and functionally show your American Pride. The only down side to this pattern is all the pesky ends that you get to weave. 

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Water Bottle Holder

 Wine & Water Bottle Tote Pattern now available on Doily Designs Etsy.

Adjust pattern sections for different size holders.

Past post of this favorite water bottle holder design. 

Find the pattern for Water bottle tote pattern on Etsy. Holder works great for a beer bottle with a cozy.

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Seamless Crochet Stitch Combination;

Great stitch from Naztazia Crochet by Donna Wolfe This stitch combination is so great that you will definitely be seeing it in a few of my patterns. 

Donna Wolfe does a stitch combination that gives you a nearly perfect beginning Dc stitch, giving you nearly seamless join, and straight edges on rows.

 Watermelon Doilies below, one made with the old Ch 3 method, and the other with the new 2 Sc method (BegDc). Can you tell the difference?  

The old method wasn't that bad in the first place, but this new stitch definitely has it beat. If you notice, it is even straighter than the Ch 3 method!

This new favorite, simple combination of stitches keeps your edge straight, seamless, and makes crocheting into sides easier. 

Once you use the new stitch combination, you may want to apply it to all your crochet projects that use Hdc, Dc, or Tr to begin a rnd or row.

There are a lot of different methods I've tried, and some work better than others. Donna Wolfe, in my opinion, has come up with the best solution. Its elegant simplicity, function, and ease, give it an A+ in my book.  This stitch combination works for Dc as well as Hdc.  Donna uses other methods for Hdc and Htr, but I find her method to work great as;

2 Sc = Dc or Hdc

3 Sc = Htr or Tr

I like to refer to this stitch as  2Sc/Hdc or 2Sc/Dc in my patterns to reduce repetition. 

But I would bet it is called BegDc, or is this what is refer to as standing Dc? πŸ€” 

(Not a standing Dc, though, that seems to work just as well. Find how to do a standing Dc on Moogly's Blog)

(May 11, 2024, Okay, so I take it back and will be using Beg Dc, Beg Hdc in my patterns. This just looks better, and sounds familiar πŸ€” . Sorry for any inconvenience.)

To do;

Do not ch 1,  Sc into the top of last stitch, ScFlo of sc just made, and you have just made the best ever beginning stitch for Dc. When working into this stitch on next rnd/row, crochet into the top sc.  So elegantly simple.

1) Sc in top of stitch

2) ScFlo in sc just made

Done! = Hdc or Dc

To use for Tr, just add another ScFlo to the above steps. 

3Sc/Tr = Sc in stitch, ScFlo, ScFlo = Tr

Visit here to see my demonstration of the Begsc and BegDc, or visit Youtube to see Donna explaining her cool stitch combo.

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BTW.... Of the 2 Watermelon Doilies, the new join is the one on the right ;)

Americana Coasters

Adding the American Coaster Pattern to the Boho Granny American Flag Pattern Collection

We are loving the fun edge that gives these coasters their interesting, and unique look.

American Coaster Pattern

Fun, easy coaster pattern works up quickly, and feels amazing. Photos do not do them justice.

For some festive Americana decor, try this intermediate skill crochet pattern, and create a useful gift for that special Patriot in your life, or for yourself.

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American Pride Blanket

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Crochet Spring Garden Tote

Crochet Spring Garden Tote

Digital download of crochet flowers photo available at Peach Creek Printing Etsy.

Custom orders, including pattern, and crochet items are always welcome, at; Doily Designs Etsy.

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Patriotic Washcloth

Washcloth pattern is so much fun that I could not stop with just one πŸ˜„

March inspired crochet. Easter's washcloth has expanded to other holidays, like the 4th of July.
Versatile pattern can be changed up to create something uniquely your own.

Can be made in different sizes as well as different as colors.

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Best wishes, happy Spring, and happy crocheting!

Cranberry Pineapple Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

⭐  Doily Designs Cranberry Pineapple  Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern One of a kind tree skirt  is an eye catching take on the classic ...