New Beginnings

July 2015

In the mood to crochet!!!
We just moved into our new house   :)
It is amazing and gives me so much inspiration for crocheting.
So I am going to start writing here to share what I experience on my journey.

I am up here in my craft room and organizing yarns and it is so fun! 
Here, in our new house, I have my own studio, which is so very helpful for organizing all my craft stuff.          
As I am unpacking all this yarn, inspiration leaves me itching to crochet!!!

Crochet is a great way to let out a little expression, to focus your concentration & when you are done, you are left with a sense of accomplishment. Crochet is just good for the mind, body & soul. As well as others seem to like the outcome.

There seems to be more yarn than I realized, which is always a good thing. So I am off to start a project for our new home.

Since there is so much unpacking to do I’ve started small, I made coasters & covered 3 rocks that the kids and me found on a walk exploring on our new land. 

And coasters :)

This is a really cute coaster pattern. You can find several versions if you google free crochet coasters. I couldn't find the exact one I wanted so I just improvised. Still haven't unpacked my patterns yet.  And the internet is not great out here in the country. Still getting use to that.

Wimberley is beautiful, though! And I do not miss the traffic and noise of Austin.
Here is a view from our back balcony. We just love our new view and our new house :D

Thank you for stopping by!
Best wishes & Happy crocheting!!

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