Cherished Memories

 In honor of loved ones recently passed, I am reflecting back on precious family memories and cherished moments.

Two very special people that were near and dear to me were my Grandparents. Their love helped shape me into who I am and showed me many wonderful and beautiful things in this world. They were married my whole life and together to the end.

Together they would create these beautiful gifts for friends and family. My Grandmother with her beautiful crochet work on the dolls and my Grandfather in his shop, designing and building wooden and glass cases for the dolls to live in. What a wonderful, thoughtful and cherished gift! 

The doll with the green dress was created for me about 20 years ago, and the other for my youngest daughter, they are both so lovely! The detail that my Grandmother put into them was something that got me excited about crochet all those years ago. The idea that crochet wasn't just some doily lying around, but that it could be fun, this idea was very exciting!

What a blessing to have my Grandparents share such love!

My Grandmothers love of crochet, her talent, and her desire to make things for people have always been such an inspiration through out my life.

Striving to keep traditions going and growing!

Thank you for stopping by.

May you find joy and inspiration!

Best wishes and happy crocheting!!

Dolls and cases created by Elizabeth Ann and Hugo Phillips.

We recently lost Allen, adopted son of Elizabeth and Hugo, too Covid. Along with Elizabeth's best friend Cathrine. They will all be dearly missed. Hope to see y'all again someday ♡ Much love!

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