Neurographic Art

НейроГрафика ∾ Neurography

Neurography is an interesting drawing technique invented by Pavel Piskarev to help bring together science and art.  He came up with this idea around 2016, but it is new to me and couldn't have come at a better time on these long winter days.  

I am sure some of you are feeling the stress' of the past couple of years, and most of us could use a way to unwind. If you like to doodle, then maybe Neurographs could be a great outlet for you as well. 

The basic idea here is that you meditate and put pen to paper. In one motion you draw lines. When you are done, you go back and soften all the corners of these lines everywhere there is a sharp point. Once there are no sharp edges, you can fill it in with colors, using whatever color application you are comfortable with. A lot of people use watercolors. 

Of course, there is way more to this than I am explaining here, and if you would like to learn more, you can visit website for articles on this inventive art technique.

I would also recommend Neurographic Art website, as another place to start and find out more. Go to Neurography Art on that site, to hear Pavel Piskarev himself (in Russian), speak of this interesting style of art and its benefits, (with a rough written translation).

Alison Hazel Art does a nice job explaining and demonstrating this neurograph art idea and the basics on Youtube.

On this page are my first 2 Neurographic drawings. I hear that this type of Neurographic drawings are great for children. It seems that a lot of art teachers are introducing this technique in the classroom. Being a big believer of the importance of art education for youth, I could see the benefits of this strange new art introduced at a young age and being a great outlet for children.

I used sharpie and oil pastels for both of mine, mostly because it was what I had on hand, but also I love the colors that the oil pastels produce.

You can also watch Art with Mrs Hibbs on Youtube about this neat idea, along with countless others sitting down and creating Neurographs.

Thank you for stopping by.

May you find joy and inspiration!

Best wishes and happy doodling!!

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