Artifact? Or Just Another Pretty Rock?

Milky white, with orange hues, neatly and carefully napped edges?
Holding this rock, I feel a sense of connection to the past.
This could be just a chip or it could be an artifact, my experience says artifact. What do you think?

Scraper comes to mind first. Possibly an axe.  

This rock is just too cool to have not been napped by someone long ago.
But, I am not an archeologist, so all I have is my best guess. If someone has any ideas, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Below are other pieces I have found around Central Texas.

Above you can see several white flint and weathered flint.  This stone is a different type of stone. Please help identif if you have any ideas. (Top and center in picture above).

Beautiful orange hues running through the other wise milky white stone.

Edges weathered smooth.

It is too uniform to not have been intentionally chipped away. My bet is that it is some sort of scraper or axe. Which only leaves me with even more questions.

I found a small bird point around the same area and it too is made of an even shinier, smoother white stone, maybe white obsidian?

I would love to hear your ideas!

What is this stone? Who do you think might have made it? What was it used for?
(Found around the year 2000, in Central Texas.)

Very cool ROCK!

I πŸ’– Arrowheads!

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