Bird Point

⮙ Native American Bird Point Arrowhead ➣

This tiny beauty is just under an inch, and is made of shiny white stone. Large scraper/axe head is also made of white stone, but is milkier with hues of orange, and is not shiny.
Both were found in Central Texas, Dripping Springs area, while exploring my Mom's land.
More pictures of the scraper here.

My Mum chipped the little bird point on the edge a long time ago by accident. She was looking at it when I told her that I'd found it on her property, she must have gotten so excited that she accidentally dropped it. Oh well, you can barely tell. But before that, it was found in pristine condition.  A truly amazing find.

Chip on right side edge after finding.

To have napped this shiny white stone without breaking it, is very impressive to me. And for it to have survived its journey to find its way here, is incredible as well. 

I'd love to hear other peoples thoughts on this beautiful tiny bird point if anyone would like to share.

Below, several scrapers, bird point, pieces and 2 full arrowheads. 
My finds (1989-2000)

Sometime's I think that there could not be more arrowheads out there to find, surely everyone has found them all, or they have been buried by time. But these that I found are proof to me that they are out there, you first have to look. 

It does help to have knowledge of where to look and what to look for. I had help with the lower row after showing interest and finding the two mentioned above.  Arrowhead hunting is a truly meditative process and the reward, priceless.

I still find myself looking down, hoping to find that smooth stone laying on the ground. That glimpse into the past, carried gently into the future, cherished and shared, not laying quietly somewhere forgotten in nature. 

Thank you for stopping by.
Happy rock hunting!

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