🌡 Still Feeling Prickly🌡
🌡🌸🌼 🐝 

🐝🌼🌸 πŸŒ΅ 
 πŸŒ΅The beautiful blossoms and colors of the Texas cactus, continue to inspire me. πŸŒ΅

🌡 Prickly Pear Cactus Coasters  πŸŒ΅

🌡 These adorable coasters were created by Ashleigh Kiser of Sewrella. 
You can find her pattern on Ravelry. Or you can help support Sewrella's art by purchasing this well written pattern in Sewrella's  Etsy shop. πŸŒ΅ 

                          Sunset and prickly pear cactus, in Texas Hill Country.
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Crochet Owl Phone Case

Crochet Owl Phone Case

 Crochet owls are so cute. So, when i was in need of a phone case and a project to take my mind off of tree skirts, I decided that an owl would be my next project.  

Cute owl pal keeps your phone safe and your hands free!

If interested in one of these, custom orders are welcome in my Etsy shop.

Girl version pictured below.


For more crochet owls, check out my Pinterest board, cats & owls. Thank you for stopping by.


New Owl!

Patches the Patriotic Owl Pouch


Artifact? Or Just Another Pretty Rock?

Milky white, with orange hues, neatly and carefully napped edges?
Holding this rock, I feel a sense of connection to the past.
This could be just a chip or it could be an artifact, my experience says artifact. What do you think?

Scraper comes to mind first. Possibly an axe.  

This rock is just too cool to have not been napped by someone long ago.
But, I am not an archeologist, so all I have is my best guess. If someone has any ideas, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Below are other pieces I have found around Central Texas.

Above you can see several white flint and weathered flint.  This stone is a different type of stone. Please help identif if you have any ideas. (Top and center in picture above).

Beautiful orange hues running through the other wise milky white stone.

Edges weathered smooth.

It is too uniform to not have been intentionally chipped away. My bet is that it is some sort of scraper or axe. Which only leaves me with even more questions.

I found a small bird point around the same area and it too is made of an even shinier, smoother white stone, maybe white obsidian?

I would love to hear your ideas!

What is this stone? Who do you think might have made it? What was it used for?
(Found around the year 2000, in Central Texas.)

Very cool ROCK!

I πŸ’– Arrowheads!

Feeling Prickly Cactus Coasters

 Feeling Prickly  
🌡Cactus Coasters🌡

Living in Texas you see a lot of cactus and of course the theme is pretty popular. With the cactus in bloom it just felt right making these cute cactus coasters that keep catching my eye.
They make great gifts for the cactus lovers in your life.
I am making several now for teacher appreciation gifts and a house warming gift for a friend. 

🌡 Change up the colors of the flowers to suit your taste, and portray the many lovely colors of the Prickly pear.  πŸŒ΅

You can order the cactus coasters in Doily Designs Etsy shop, or if you crochet yourself, see the link below for this pattern. 

These adorable coasters were created by Ashleigh Kiser of Sewrella. 
You can find her pattern on Ravelry Or you can help support Sewrella's art by purchasing this well written pattern in  Sewrella's  Etsy shop.

Another version of the pattern is available through Leisure Arts.

...have fun with these cute coasters!

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Best wishes, and happy crocheting!

πŸ¦™πŸŒΊ❤️🌿Llommy 🌺❤️πŸŒΏπŸ¦™

Meet Llommy, sweet little llama mommy plushie 😍.

🌺❤️πŸŒΏπŸ¦™πŸ¦™πŸ¦™ πŸŒΊ❤️🌿

Llommy was inspired by these
 crochet Llama appliquΓ©s designed by Jen of Nella's Cottage. You can purchase the pattern here at Nella's Cottage on Etsy. They are so adorable!
(Pictured below.) 

When I finished my first one, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to put it on. A bag for my tablet, kept coming to mind, or perhaps a pillow. Although any of those would be great, the llama was so cute, I couldn’t bare sewing it to something, so, it ended up a plushie.  

And Llommy was born.  

🌺❤️🌿Llommy, out enjoying the Spring flowers πŸŒΊ❤️πŸŒΏπŸ¦™

To make the llama plushie, you will first need llama appliquΓ© pattern by
Nella's CottageI made two of the body and neck. Just a circle for the head without the shells. Then sewed them together on the row before the shells around the body first and filled with fiberfill as I went up the neck to the head and back down to the body. For the legs, my daughter and I decided the "floppy" legs were good. So they are one layer for the brown and 2 layers for the black. Two layers for the black for added weight and cuteness. For the blanket, I made an oval instead of a half circle, to drape over Llommy's back. The blanket is only tacked down because I want to be able to change colors with the mood.  Same with the bridle, which is tied in a bow in the back. A really fun project. More notes at the bottom....

This little llama sure makes me smile! :)

Now back to making one for my tablet case. ;)
Happy crocheting!

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Notes on Llommy;
Llommy has a tail on mine, which you can kind of see in the first picture, but after adding it, I can see why Jen of Nella's Cottage did not add a tail to her pattern. The tail is not necessary, it is adorable without it!

        Sand Dunes &  
         Calico Poncho
The neutral colors and comfort of this light weight poncho make this my favorite go too poncho.

Poncho is available from Doily Designs. Available in several colors,
and new shorter poncho (pictured above).

Poncho can be made to order the style or size desired.  Choose your length and color and have a poncho made just for you.

For those of you who want to make one for yourself. You can purchase a similar pattern from Crystal Bear Designs in her Etsy shop. 

I find the variegated yarns to be the most interesting for this pattern and style. There are so many lovely variegated yarns available, I swoon at the possibilities!

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Crochet Bottle Carrier

Crochet Water
& Wine 
Bottle Tote
New Beer Bottle Size!

Carrying a bottle around can be a real pain when you're out and about, so water bottle carriers/totes come in very handy. 

There are a lot of versions out there and it has taken me years to make one I like. This is the latest version that is simple but nice and very functional.

You can order water bottle tote in my Etsy shop.

 I am excited about the new smaller version that fits beer bottles as well as wine bottles and some water bottles. 
Being a beer drinker myself, it is nice to have a handy BEER holder, instead of the usual ones that are too big for beer bottles. 

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Crochet Poncho

Crochet girl's and women's Summer, Spring and Fall Poncho. 

This light weight poncho is great for cool weather days when you need a little extra warmth and pizzazz.

Poncho is currently available, custom made to order, from Doily Designs.

My poncho was inspired by the beautiful poncho designed by  
Bernadette Prokopetz of
         Crystal Bear's PATTERN  may be 
             purchased in her shop.

  It is my new favorite poncho, I want to
     wear it everywhere and want one in 
                   several colors! :)

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Cranberry Pineapple Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

⭐  Doily Designs Cranberry Pineapple  Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern One of a kind tree skirt  is an eye catching take on the classic ...