Crochet Mandala Earrings 
With Owls

Halloween crochet, beaded earrings ~DoilyDesigns

These mandala earrings were inspired in 2011 when I first learned of crochet earrings. Loving crochet and jewelry I had to make some! I added beads, then added the dangles with beads and charm. I was very pleased with how they turned out. Great accessory for Autumn. Though I made them in 2011, I still were them quite a bit.

Crochet earrings ~Doily Designs

I made lots of them, in different colors.

Chocolate crochet mandala, doily earrings.  ~Doily Designs

My daughter was 4 at the time and I made a pair for her. 
She did not have pierced ears at the time so I crocheted a loop that could hang on her ear and she could play dress up! It actually worked pretty good. They are so light weight and the loop didn’t bother her at all around her ear. With her hair you couldn’t see the loop. She was very happy she could wear earrings like a big girl. (Sorry no pic of hers, those are mine below but they were similar to her pink ones.)

Pink crochet mandala, doily earrings ~ DoilyDesigns

Chocolate mandala earrings. ~Doily Designs

Chocolate crochet earrings ~Doily Designs

They’re so much fun! I recommend you make yourself some if you crochet.
They also make nice accessories for other things besides earrings.
If I have any requests, I can post a chart to make several of the ones pictured above!

Thank you for stopping by.

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