& still more Mario & 
               Yoshi crochet! 
      & handmade Christmas gift ideas for kids.        

My kids love to play Yoshi. They dress them up and take them on many adventures.  Here my 10 year old daughter learned to crochet just so she could make Yoshi accessories!  She made him a scarf, that turned out cute, and she sewed him a backpack, and glued him some headphones. Then Yoshi is on his adventure!

But wait! He needs his water bottle!

What better way to carry than with a tote! Making lots of water bottle cozies at the time, my daughter requested a water bottle carrier for the Yoshi’s. It turned out cute for the tiny water bottle from Our Generation Dolls or American Girl Doll.

Later, it is off to bed for the Yoshi's.

Crochet Yoshi blankets were square "experiment squares" that  turned out the perfect size for Yoshi blankets. The Yoshi rooms are made up of storage bins purchased at Target, with tiny drawers for their nightstand.

Happy Crafting & Gaming!

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