Animal Doodles

 This past weeks doodles......

Every year around my oldest sons birthday, I seem to get an urge to draw. Maybe it is this special time of year when Autumn begins, or that since Harley was born, he has inspired me to draw. Whatever it is, this year, after being inspired by other peoples art, I find myself wanting to share my doodles, if for no other reason then to inspire my own family to pick up those pencils, and whom ever else might feel it as well.

 This past week, I was feeling in the mood to use pencil and colored pencils, and attempt some animal portraits. Usually after the eyes it seems to go down hill. But practice makes perfect. So I am practicing, and these were my results.

September 2021

Cali Cat~

Blackie Cat~

"It'll be alright..." Happy Turtle, Angry Rabbit, doodles.

Rabbit inspired by this adorable paint by numbers Pin.
Thank you for stopping by.

May you find joy & inspiration!

Happy drawing!!

Drawings by Cathleen Wake Gorbatenko, September 2021

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