Step Stool Cover

  Step Stool Cover

Fun seat cover made up for this old antique step stool that desperately needed something. This old stool had a hard, cracked plastic cushion, the steps discolored, old beat up wood, held together by rusted metal. At the same time, the stool is just so useful and still very sturdy, so I could not bare to part with it. Like usual, my first thought was~ CROCHET IT!

Starting with the yarn colors, I chose colors from our kitchen, and that I had on hand. Drawing from mosaic looking, mandala type crochet, I started searching for the perfect rectangle, but mostly only found squares. It would need to be rectangle to fit the stool, so I put together some ideas, and ended up with this. 
It didn't turn out too bad, and no one complains about my ugly stool any more. 

     A fresh coat of paint and it is good as new!

This project is all about the Reduce/Reuse/Recycle. I am big on "trash to treasure".  I find that turning something that could end up in a land fill into something useful, to be a wonderful thing. 

Thank you for stopping by.
May you find joy and inspiration in life.
Best wishes and Happy crocheting!

Stool cover completed August 4, 2018

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