Summer Santa

Did someone say Santa?

Having some summer fun, and in the Christmas spirit, Mr and Mrs Claus visited Barton Springs to take a refreshing dip in the cool spring fed water. 

Mrs Claus, informed us that they were at Zilker to check on things before this years Zilker Trail of Lights, and that they will be back on auditorium shores for the upcoming 4th of July, Star Spangled Fest!

What a special visit for folks at Barton Springs today, from none other than Mr and Mrs Santa Claus, sporting their Trail of Lights gear, and looking fabulous in their summer attire.

Barton Springs is a great place to cool off, and maybe meet a few celebrities. The infamously cold, crisp water of Barton Spring pool, are probably just what Santa needed for this hot summer day, to give him some of that chilly North Pole freeze, right in the middle of downtown Austin.

If you are in Austin, try and stop by Zilker, and Barton Springs pool, a favorite spot of many locals. Even if you don't take a dip in the huge spring fed pool, there is still lots to do. You can ride the train around the park, or walk the many trails, picnic and bbq while you catch a live event on outdoor stages. You can ride the fire engine on the playground, kayak, frisbee, and visit the Zilker Botanical Garden, just down the road. Around Christmas time, don't miss Zilker Trail of Lights, hosting Mr and Mrs Claus all through the Christmas Season. If you're nice this year, maybe you can meet Mr and Mrs Claus and get a photograph with them. 

It really is one of the coolest places in Austin to have your picture taken with Santa. 😎

Visit Zilker Trail of Lights on Facebook to see more great pictures of Mr and Mrs Claus at Barton Springs. Photos courtesy of Mrs Claus

Visit Red Santa on Facebook to find out more about how you can support Red Santa.

I Love my MOM, & family, and honestly, I Love that they made me Texas born. This great state, Austin, and my family just keep giving me good vibes. 

Thank you, Mom, Santa & Austin,

& Thank you, for stopping by.

Best wishes, and happy adventuring!

Have to add.... not a big surprise to some, but Santa and Mrs Claus literally made ALL their swag!

Zilker ~ great place to relax, and take a swim, and maybe run into people.  I once met Charley Sexton there while swimming, and got to see Stevie Ray Vaughn live on auditorium shores. You just never know who you might see.... but it will for sure be Mr and Mrs Claus during the  Zilker Trail of Lights, so stay on the nice list!

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