American Flag Blanket

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Boho Granny Diverse Stitch 

Crochet American Flag Blanket

Part of the American Flag Crochet Pattern Collection 

Share your love for the USA with this newly designed American Pride Crochet Collection.  Designed with old fashion charm and modern Bohemian, chunky style. 

American flag blanket, Queen/King, measures approximately 60 in x 80 in. To have this spirited and unique flag afghan made just for you, or to purchase the crochet pattern, please visit Doily Designs on Etsy or Ravelry.

If you crochet, this fun, illustrated pattern guides you thru each stitch, of the 50 stars, and the 13 red and white stripes, to create this heart warming, patriotic afghan. With its diverse stitches, the design is sure to keep even the experienced crocheter engaged.

Boho Granny ~ Diverse Stitch ~ American Flag ~ Crochet Pattern ~ 

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Cathleen Wake Gorbatenko ©July2021

American Flag Collection

Doily Designs

Boho Granny American Flag 

Crochet Pattern Collection

Crochet American Flag Pattern Collection features the Boho Granny Diverse Stitch American Flag BlanketBoho Granny Diverse Stitch American Flag Blanket, & the American Flag Heart Pillow set. Collection also includes,  Patriotic Mandala Doily, USA Star Coaster, Tiny Star & Tiny Star Charm,  Firecracker the Owl Pillow, Patches the Patriotic Owl Phone Pal, Patriotic Popsicle Holders,  plus more. 

These items can be found handmade especially for you at Doily Designs on Etsy.

Patriotic pattern book comes with illustrated instructions to create each of these spirited new, USA inspired, crochet collectables. If you prefer, you can find each pattern sold separately.

American Flag Heart Pillow Collection, Tiny Heart...

along with large, medium and small, versatile American Flag Heart Pillow patterns.

Find the 9 x 9 in adorable little, patriotic lovey size Small American Flag Heart Pillow Plush made for you, or grab yourself a hook, yarn and the pattern on Etsy, as well as Ravelry.

The versatile Small American Flag Pillow Pattern, can be made up in a variety of colors, including  Texas Heart


Tiny & Original Americana Bunting

Diverse Stitch Americana Doily to match.

Diverse Stitch Americana Doily
Diversity in colors and stitches make this a fun project to create different looks and designs.

Pattern includes instructions to make Patches in a variety of ways!

Free pattern

Patriotic Mandala Doily is a quick and easy, versatile pattern for creating this great table topper in a multitude of colors like this fun Summertime Watermelon Doily.

Patriotic Popsicle Holders

And More~!
~Summer 2021~

Cathleen Wake Gorbatenko ©2021

Inspired by my Dad♡

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Planter Cozy

 Super Simple Planter πŸ€ Cozy

This was a quick addition to a gift for my MIL. I had designed her the Crochet Mandala Doily Rug. It was made with 2 strands of cotton held together, and when I finished, there was lots of leftover yarn. These yarn scraps were great for adding a few small gifts to match her rug gift. One of these small gifts was this simple planter cover. It slides on and off easily, and for decorative purpose and extra security, it has a drawstring bow. There is no bottom, to allow for water drainage.

I recommend cotton for this, but you could use anything you choose. Here is a quick rundown of what I did. Sorry, it is not in pattern format.

Using a large hook, like a K hook. 
Make a Ch long enough to fit around the planter, in multiples of 5. 
You do not want it loose or the finished cozy may be too loose. 
Join without twisting, with a Sl st in beg Ch, 
(Ch 5 = Dc), (Ch 2, Dc) in same sp,
 *Skip 1, (Dc, Ch 2, Dc),* repeat * to * around. 
Joining with Sl st in 3rd Ch of beg Ch 5,
Sl st into Ch 2 sp,
Repeating (V = Dc, Ch 2, Dc), in each Vst's Ch 2 space, for as many rnds as needed. FO. Make a Ch for a drawstring, and thread through each V.

I designed and gave her these back in 2011. She had that pot sitting outside for more than 5 years, nurturing the plant we had given her. She ended up planting the flowers in her garden and retiring the pot. The rug was also there for just as long, if not longer. I still see her put it out every now and then. ♡ 

Crochet Mandala Doily Rug

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Small Crochet American Flag Heart Plush Pillow Pattern

This Boho Granny, crochet American flag pillow is made with modern chunky bohemian crochet style. 

Pattern for Small Crochet American Flag Pattern is a 10 page illustrated guide to create this cute flag plushy. With the versatile pattern, you can create more than just the American flag, including solid, striped, mirror flag and rainbow hearts!

This is not tightly crocheted Amigurumi, which makes this a more laid back crochet project. Fun to experiment with different color combinations for all your different friends!

Written in US crochet terms.
Intermediate skill level.
Uses small amount of worsted weight yarn.
F hook, tapestry needle and straight pins.
Poly fil fiber stuffing.

Finished heart measures approximately 9 x 9 inches.

Inspired by my Dad ♡ and his love for America!

We ♡ America!

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Now available to purchase on Ravelry!

Crochet Tiny Star Pattern

 Tiny ⭐ Star

Free crochet pattern for 

Tiny Star

This tiny crochet star works up in a flash to make several for appliquΓ©s. 

Written by Doily Designs, Cathleen Wake Gorbatenko ©2021

Written in US terms
Skill: Easy
Yarn: Most any yarn will work, a very small amount (approximately 1 yd a star)
Hook: E (4 - 3.5mm)
Gauge: not crucial
(Try different size hooks and yarns for different size stars. Note that the 1st three pictures are cotton yarn, and the 4th picture is acrylic ww yarn.)

Stitch Key
Ch: Chain
Sl st: Slip Stitch
mr: Magic ring, (please, see **special stitches** at bottom of page)

To make:

1)  Make a mr,

2)  (Ch 2, Sl st into 2nd Ch from the hook, Sl st into mr) 5 x's for 5 point star. 

Pull tail gently but firmly and securely closed.

 Note; Make sure the tail is pulled tightly with no hole in the center, you may feel a slight pop as it untwist to pull out slack. Do not pull too tightly, though, as this can break the yarn.

Weave the center end first, incase it does break, then weave the last used end into beg Ch 1 sp, this helps connect that stitch and shape your star. Give points of the star a little tug for shape

**Special Stitches**
Magic ring: Holding yarn between thumb and first 2 fingers on left hand, wrap yarn around first 2 fingers so the yarn falls to the back and furthest away from you, insert the hook between these 2 fingers and under the top strand, grabbing second, hanging strand next to it with your hook and pull yarn through the loop. Make a chain, and begin the pattern, working in the circle around the tail of the yarn. For closing, untwist the tail from the loop, join before pulling tightly closed, pull gently but firmly, closing slack in the center of the circle.

Please, convo if you have questions or comments.

Tiny Star would make a great addition to the new Small Crochet American Flag Heart Plush Pillow!

Pillow patterns can be found in Doily Designs Etsy shop.

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Christmas Crochet Ideas & Crochet Donations

Silver Santa πŸ’™

Are you in need of some crochet inspiration? Maybe you are wanting someone to crochet for and your kids have enough crochet hats and scarves and you are feeling generous. Please consider donating your wonderful crochet items to Silver Santa

Silver Santa is a non profit senior citizen program providing care packages and a day of joy during the holiday season to low-income senior citizens, veterans, and persons with disabilities living in assisted living and nursing home communities or home-bound. 


Find Silver Santa on Facebook


Let's not forget Red Santa

So proud of my MOM! πŸ’—πŸŒΈ  

Mr & Mrs Claus have been helping people and enriching lives for over 20 years and I couldn't be prouder!

Crochet ideas and inspiration;

Great free pattern for this nifty walker bag.

 Sweet Potato 3 has created this beautiful crochet blanket pattern for the music lover. The guitar blanket is among many other instrumental blankets, including piano and violin.

Sweet Potato 3 also shares this cute crochet beanie pattern, available at Sweet Potato 3.

Basic Crochet Hat Pattern

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