DIY Yoshi Gift Bags, Mushroom Wrapping Paper & Mushroom Cupcakes

 DIY Yoshi Gift Bags, Mushroom Wrapping Paper, & Mushroom Cupcakes 🍄🍄🍄🍄

What Mario party would be complete without his little pal Yoshi! These great, and really simple gift bags are an adorable addition to a Mario Birthday Party Celebration.

To make the large gift bag, I took a brown grocery bag, painted it green, and fashioned it the same as the smaller bag. You can kind of see large Yoshi bag in the back, peeking out.

Sorry that I do not have better pictures, or a print out for you. 

This is what I did; I started by sketching out the face on a 
green gift bag, 
white paper and 
green paper.

You simply round the top of a green gift bag in the shape of Yoshi's eyes, cut eye shapes on white paper and draw in black in proper position, cut green squared oval shape for his snout, then with black, draw in lines on his snout for nostrils and mouth. Glue face together.


Another gift wrap idea is Mushroom paper. Take plain, red and/or green wrapping paper and dot white polka dots with acrylic paint to look like red/green Mushroom tops or Yoshi eggs.


This dotting idea works for Mushroom Cupcakes as well.

 The kids helped to make these by first helping mix and then helping to put on the icing.

All you need is;
Red icing
white icing
pastry bag/piping tube

Kids love making a mess with the red icing! You may want to have an adult help with the dots.


The cake was a store bought Turbo cake, so we just added Mario characters to fit in with our theme, including Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and a Mushroom Cupcake. 🍄  
Nothing too fancy, but tons of fun!

Hope that you find joy and inspiration!
Thank you for stopping by.

Just pinned a bunch of Mario Party pins, check out my Elijah board to see more great ideas from other Mario fans.

 💚Yoshi! 🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄

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