Friends for Patches


Patches the Patriotic Owl Phone Pal crochet pattern, has some new friends, Rainbow Patches, and Watermelon Phone Pal, made in fun colors. 

All Phone Pal's are made using the same pattern, done in different colors, and different themes, with a few different added accents that are included in the pattern. Pattern also includes a few different size eyes to choose from, as well as a couple of strap styles. 

Phone Pal Pattern gives you a base to make a Phone Pal uniquely your own.

This is Patches 3rd year being my trusty, and favorite Phone Pal, but he has a lot of patriotism for everyday, and so I made Patches some new friends.

Rainbow Patches had been stuck in my head for quite a while, and my daughter is frequently complaining about my lack of rainbows and colors, which all inspired Rainbow Patches being born, June, 2024. 

Follow the rainbow....
choose your own colors, and style with or without eyes/wings. 

I don't know about you, but who wouldn't like a nice watermelon slice 'hanging' around in the summertime? Just the colors make me feel a little cooler. Watermelons are just so much fun!

This pattern is available through contacting Cathleen on Etsy, Ravelry or Doily Designs.


This has been one of my earliest, and favorite patterns for a while, and I like to mix it up. I'm betting others will like to mix it up too, and that is why this pattern now includes so many choices to help you design a Phone Pal all your own.

Fun facts;
Pink/Brown Owl Phone Pal from 2011, Teal/Brown Owl Phone Pal from 2018.
Patches Patriotic Owl Phone Pal was born July, 2021, and the pattern earned its nick name "Patches" for the patchwork like wings. Rainbow Patches, and Watermelon from June, 2024.

Pattern is also customizable to fit different size phones. Can also be used as a eye glass caddy.

Thank you for stopping by.
Best wishes, and happy crocheting!


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