Crochet Join with Single Crochet

There are a few new to me stitches that I have been using lately that have me blown away at their ease and effectiveness.

One of these new stitches is the Sc Join or BegSc. I will post how to do it, in case it is new to others as well. If you know this stitch, and/or what it is called in patterns, please share. Some of you may have already been doing this for years, others, like me may have never heard of joining without a slip stitch.

To do BegSc/ScJoin, you start like you are doing a Sl st, with a loop knotted on your hook, insert hook where you want to attach it, YO, pull thru 2 loops on the hook = Sc made, with no slip stitch.  Note that it helps to keep the yarn loops loose a little to pull thru, as well as holding the tail, and after you have made your stitch, you can pull it tighter, as needed.

From now on, when I am able, I just make the BegSc, no slip stitch. This BegSc works just doing your Sc, which can be your stitch, or the Sc can be expanded to make a Hdc, Dc, Tr, and works very nicely with the Naztazia's BegDc/Tr beginning stitch, previously mentioned here on Doily Designs.

Wow, so simple. How did I not think of or find this sooner?   I guess sometimes we can get stuck in our ways and believe that they are the only ways. πŸ˜‚  

I have attempted to make you guys a video with the BegSc as well as the BegDc. Hopefully with practice the videos will get better. πŸ˜…

Photo for aesthetics. Watch for the Dark Brown Lotus Mandala Doily Collection coming soon. 

Thank you for stopping by.

Best wishes, and happy crocheting!

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