Mandala Doily Stool Cover

Drunken Lotus Mandala Stool Cover

Mandala doily stool covers are a great way to spruce up your decor, as well as save the stools original surface from wear and tear. Easily removed for change of color or washing.

This pattern is part of the Brown Lotus Mandala Doily Stool Cover Collection, which includes the Drunken Lotus, and Dark Brown Lotus seen below.

Drunken Granny pictured below with inverted colors in the middle section, and shorter rounds to fit a smaller stool.

πŸ˜… It was originally the Drunken Owl Pillow Cover, but morphed to a stool cover, and dropped the owl. The original idea for the stool covers comes from 2015, and my Brown Lotus Stool Cover, that are being revived to pair with the Drunken Lotus. Funny enough, this was one of my first posts here on Doily Designs. Of course, with my existing Americana theme, I could not resist making it in red, white, and blue, which screamed to me Drunken Granny, with its 'not your granny's crochet', chunky, Boho crochet style, a little of this and that, and some freestyle, but still a little of that old classic crochet charm.

Stool covers can be made for small 13 inch stools to large 15 inch stools with adjustable pattern. Easily adjusted to fit a multitude of stool sizes.

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Best wishes, and happy crocheting!

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