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⭐  Doily Designs Cranberry Pineapple  Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern One of a kind tree skirt is an eye catching take on the classic vintage pineapple design, with an antique, old fashion charm, in a new chunky  modern,  Bohemian  style. To have a tree skirt made especially for you, please visit Doily Designs on  Etsy  or  Amazon .   If you  crochet  and would like to create this tree skirt in your own fashion, please visit one of the following;  Etsy ,  Ravelry ,  Lovecrafts , and  Amazon .  Here you will find Doily Designs, Cranberry Pineapple Christmas Tree Skirt  Pattern  in  original 43 inch ,  large 60 inch , or  two pattern bundle . 43 in tree skirt fits 5 ft - 8 ft trees. New Large Cranberry Pineapple Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern Large 60 in skirt fits 7.5 ft to 9 ft trees. Tree skirts have a slit down the back with drawstring center and tie closures. If you would like to share a tree skirt that you made, we would love to see! Please share on  Ravelry , Etsy, Facebook or



Blarf Shoncho.... my Stashbuster Blarf as a Shirt Poncho.

  The Stashbuster Blarf, pictured below, is absolutely beautiful!  

Ever since I first saw the picture of the Stashbuster Blarf, I wanted to make one! For my idea, I did not use this pattern exactly, but it was a great inspiration and perfect for what I wanted to make.
The pattern is to make a "Blarf", a scarf but bigger, like a shawl. Which is great, but I am more a poncho girl. So I made 2 rectangles with various stitches, added a border, and joined it on the sides. Voila, you have a poncho, or is it a shirt? or a "Shoncho" 😆 My Blarf Shoncho!

With my yarn stash in hand, I started working up this "Shoncho".  I absolutely love the different yarns and yarn textures together! Mine uses mostly Caron Simply Soft and Yarn Bee Soft Secret, with some "I Love This Yarn".  

This join was before I found the beautiful Celtic Lace Join. I guess that I did something similar back then. The Celtic Lace Join has a very good tutorial for something similar to what you see here. This gives it an interesting touch on the shoulders.


I have been seeing many Shoncho type creations lately on Pinterest and I am liking this Shoncho name! 😉
Check back for more crochet ideas!

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