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Stuffing with Yarn

Yarn Stuffing

Recently while watching Sweet Potato 3, Christine's Bunny and Chick CAL video on FB, and aside from that it is an adorable crochet amigurumi Bunny CAL, I loved the innovative use of grocery bags for stuffing! And while, I am not sure if it is her idea, it is a great idea!


Back in 2019, I started using yarn scraps, and wondering what others might be using for stuffing other than, of course, fiber fill or other polyester stuffings.  With all of those annoying and wasteful scraps cut after weaving ends, it seemed such a waste to throw them all away. Turns out I would collect enough to stuff a small pillow in a very short amount of time. Especially if working with a lot of different colors on one project. So I began to use it as stuffing. 

While it doesn't work well with loosely stitched items, it is perfect for amigurumi items, like this heart.
It was great to see Christine using the grocery bags as stuffing! Very inspiring that others too, are using things that are better for the environment.


I would love to hear what you are using, if different from bought fillers!

Check back for more crochet ideas!

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