Crochet Shawls & Ponchos

Going through pictures I've come across some of the ponchos and shawls that I have made over the years. Some are my own design, while others are from a pattern.
I will try and list a pattern link where I can.

 The first poncho that I ever made was for my youngest daughter when she was a baby. She had already almost outgrown it here. This poncho is made with the softest ivory bamboo yarn, it is a simple square, Dc poncho. The bamboo makes it heavenly to the touch and was a pleasure to work with. Too bad that she out grew it, it was very warm and cosy, I would totally wear this! Sorry, no pattern to list for this one. (Made 2008, picture 2011)

Free Snowflake Hooded Cape by Lillian Rather, for babies. Sported by "Tickle me Elmo". πŸ˜†

     Blue half circle shawl. Made with size 3 sequined wool. (2013)

Inspired, but different from this wonderful Boho Tuniek by Haak Trends (pattern not available).  (2015)

Cowl neck poncho, inspired, but my own
pattern. (2015)

This convertible Skirt/Poncho pattern, can be worn two different ways.  Free pattern on Yarnspiration. (2012)

My own design for a circular poncho. Made with Caron Simply Soft yarn and "I Love This Yarn", along with other yarn scraps.  Inspired and for my youngest daughter. My own pattern. 
This was one of my first mixed yarn patterns and I totally enjoy the way the different yarn combinations feel together.  (2012)


Youngest daughter's Spring Poncho, inspired by Fiesta Poncho designed by Crystal Bear Designs, visit her shop or Ravelry, for her pattern.  (2018)

Joined with Celtic Lace Join. Added detachable flower embellishment.

These are so versatile and great for Texas weather!

My own design for a Bohemian style poncho. (2014)

My "extended version" of Lacy Pineapple Shawl. (2012)

Free, Aphrodite Shawl pattern, similar to above.
(Psst.... I think they are the same!) (2012)

Warm comfy Sierra Poncho. (2013)

This crochet Half Moon Shawl pattern can be found free on Ravelry. (2012)

This poncho was my size and didn't fit her, but what a cute model :)
It has been a while, but I am guessing that this is the Martha Stuart Home Coming Poncho with more simple scalloped edge, and made with Caron Simply Soft yarn. (2012)


My own design that I sold on Etsy, in my shop for a few years. It also works as a skirt. (2014)

Mother and daughter size ponchos.

More shawls and ponchos to come as I run across them......

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. lovely ponchos i would love to wear on my next trip.

    1. Thank you, Donna. They are great to take just about anywhere and always great to have on hand. Hope that you have a lovely trip where ever you go.


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