More Stumpkins Nostalgia

~Stumpkins Doll with Crochet Hat and Scarf~

So in all my Stumpkins nostalgia, I got very excited and started crocheting her accessories.  Honestly, I am more excited now about making the accessories than the actual dolls πŸ˜…. 
These cute little hats started as jar toppers years ago, but it turns out that her head is about the same size of a mason jar. So I used my pattern for the jar covers and made her these hats and scarves. The one with the huge pompom is my favorite, pictured above.
Originally my pattern for Mason Jar lid covers, filled with candy, for Christmas.

Used as cute little Stumpkins doll hats!

If anyone is interested in the pattern for the hats and scarf, please let me know.

This is my 20 yo Stumpkins doll, modeling the hats and scarves made recently. She looks really good for her age! Just goes to show that these stockings dolls are very durable.

Thank you for stopping by~

okay... more pictures :S.. She looks like a Charley Brown character to me, in this picture. πŸ˜†

Snow in Texas!  
As well as lots of migrating Red Robins.

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