Stumpkins Flashback


   80's flashback!

Does anyone remember these cute wee folk?

My Mom made these adorable soft sculpture dolls in the 80's, and I took up making them in the 90's. Now these cute little guys are back!  As I recall, the story goes that they are sweet little creatures of the woods.

Each unique Stumpkins doll is made with love, stuffing and nylon stockings. Then each is embellished to fit their unique, individual style, character and theme.

Here you see my  Renaissance Stumpkins Collection;

Princess Stumpkin

Fairy Stumpkin Princess

Sultan, his camel and a Bellydancer in the background.

The King and Queen

The idea came from a book that my Mom had in the 80's,
by Trish Powers
Wee Folk Stumpkins
(Cover pictured below.)

My Mother would make clowns, ladies, babies, married wee folk, and of course Mr & Mrs Claus.

(Ps.... they have the cutest little tushies, dimples and all!)

Flashback is warming my heart on this unusually cold winter day here in Texas!

Thank you for stopping by!

So much about my Mom and I had not Mother as is Mrs Claus! ;)
Pictured below. She is creator of Silver Santa. A wonderful non profit organization, giving and sharing with those in need. Your crochet items are a wonderful blessing! If you would like to get involved and donate your crochet items or any other hand made items, or of course, financial support, please contact Mrs Claus at Thank you! 

A Non-Profit Senior Citizen Program providing care packages and a day of joy during the holiday season to low-income senior citizens, veterans, and persons with disabilities living in assisted living and nursing home communities or home-bound.
Please, visit Silver Santa to find out more.
Thank you!

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