Mario & Yoshi DIY Decorations

🎈Super Mario Birthday Party⭐🎈


Super fun homemade Mario Party Birthday decorations for our Super Birthday Boy!

All of the decorations seen pictured above are hand made. From the gift bags, label's for water bottles, piΓ±atas, birthday cards, birthday sign, even the games we played, you name it, it was made by hand. Lot's of kids crafts and fun, plus adult crafts and fun!

Since there is a lot to share, there will be separate posts for each craft.  Please visit Doily Designs home page to find more.

We will start here with the Mario Birthday Sign..... 

The sign was a lot of fun. Constructed with cutout pieces of construction paper, backed with cardboard, like cereal boxes, for stiffness, though, I would recommend you use colored card stock and print these if possible, unless you just really like coloring, cutting and gluing. 
Using pictures for references to the super blocks, and brick blocks, Mario character, etc.  I cut out the letters and glued those on, and drew lines to resemble bricks on the brown squares. 

Do black and white prints for the characters, and color them yourself, or have the kids color. 
Notice the mushroom πŸ„ is a 4 up, reflecting child's age. 

You will want to make sure to leave room for punching 2 holes in each piece to run a string thru. Use whatever string you have on hand, most anything should work. 
The point is to HAVE FuN :)

Hang your sign & there you go.....


HappY BiRthDaY, to all YoU SuPeR BirtHdAy BoYs & GirLs!

We had so much fun the whole week making each of these projects for the big day. A weeks worth of crafts. Visit Chain Chomp piΓ±ata post to see more about the crazy Chomps you may have noticed hanging there πŸ’£. 
Another really fun Super Mario Party Decoration ~

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May you find joy and inspiration!


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