Easy Boo & Chain Chomp Piรฑatas

๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽ‚  Boo & Chain Chomp Piรฑatas



As mentioned in the previous post, we did all hand made decorations for this cool Super Birthday Boy's MARIO PARTY.  

Here we are going to take a closer look at the fun Boo and Chain Chomp piรฑata. (Quick, easy Balloon Boo๐Ÿ‘ป at the bottom of this page.)

Boo and Chomps were made with the children. These piรฑatas are pretty easy using a simple balloon piรฑata for the base.
(Here is just a quick run down. These posts are more for ideas. Please use your own best judgement.)

You will need;
large balloons
white glue, like Elmer's glue
acrylic paint
paint brushes
rope or string
tapestry needle (optional)
exacto knife (optional)
bowl, to mix in

Cover work surface. (This can be messy.)

Blow up balloons. (Fun to let the kids do this while you prepare things.)

Tear or cut newspaper into 1.5"-2" wide strips. (Fun for kids.)

Mix glue and water in a bowl, 2 parts glue to 1 part water. (Have kids stir and note thickness and color of mixture.)

Once you have everything ready.

You can use a mug or other low, heavy cup to sit your balloon in (tape balloon to cup if necessary).

Dip strips of newspaper through the glue mixture and lay flat (as possible) on your balloon. You can try different lengths to see what lays best. Lay strips in different directions to get better coverage.

Let dry and add second layer. Make sure no surface of the balloon is visible.

Once completely dry, pop the balloon and pull out thru the hole, this will be your fill hole.

You can now start painting your piรฑata.

Depending on your design, use black for Chain Chomp or white for Boo, as the base color.

Let this dry thoroughly. You will need 2 coats for best results.

Take your pencil, and using reference photos, sketch a face on your piรฑata.

Paint your face.

Once this has dried, use your exacto knife to poke small holes on the top on either side of the piรฑata. Take a tapestry needle and string/yarn and fish it thru, starting on the outside, thru the inside, and out the other hole. Tie as long as you need it. You could also put the string thru each hole and tie/tape it down securely on the each side, if that works for you.

Fill your piรฑata!

You can cover the hole by gluing on a small square piece of colored construction paper. If making Chomp, you can add the chain mentioned below to help cover this.

We added a chain to our Chain Chomp, fashioning a paper chain.

To get the right look, we painted over black construction paper with thinned white paint. Cut in strips and had the kids glue these together in a chain. I also cut a bigger strip to put at the top of Chain Chomp, to help cover the hole and look more like Chomps, you can kind of see this in the picture below.

When the glue on the paper chain didn't hold, I stapled them all securely.

You can see that ours is lumpy, but the kids had a blast making them, and were very pleased with their piรฑatas. 

They had fun destroying them as well๐Ÿ’ฃ


Another quick and easy way to make a Boo is to draw a face with sharpie on a white balloon. 

Be sure to add lots of these floating around your party  ๐Ÿ‘ป
Halloween Parties as well!

Thank you for stopping by.
May you find joy & inspiration!

Pictures from 2013 ©Cathleen ~ Doily Designs

Came up with this quick gift for the birthday boy to carry his tiny treasures;
Crochet Bomb bag๐Ÿ’ฃ  Check back for the pattern.

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