DIY Mario & Luigi Mustache and Water Bottle

DIY Mario & Luigi  ⭐🍄

 ⭐🍄 Mustache Straws   &

Water Bottle Labels  ⭐🍄

This was a fun and easy addition to a Mario themed birthday party. The straws and bottles were a big hit, and a favorite out of all our hand made decorations.

With no printer on hand, back in 2013, I drew these out and colored them by hand, then laminated them for durability. Though, if at all possible, I would recommend that you do this on the computer and print it in color, unless you just really like drawing and coloring.

For the mustache,  draw a Mario or Luigi mustache shape on black construction paper, laminate the shape (or use heavy card stock), cut out. We punched 2 holes in the middle and fed the straw thru these holes, but if you look at the bottom picture for reference, theirs is probably better, but ours slid around less.

Mario and Luigi suspenders for the water bottle labels are fairly simple and basic. You can sketch out one label and then use it to trace the others, (or print the whole thing).  Highlight lines with black sharpie and color the shirts with bright colors of red or green for corresponding characters.

Laminate water bottle labels. It is easiest to attached the labels while laminating, and the lamination also affixes the label to the bottle.

They were worth the effort for these cool additions to a Mario themed party. 
If you notice, we used small bottles. The small bottles looked so cute as Mario and we wanted them all the same size.  Googling, you will see labels on big, taller bottles. Which makes me think it is the Luigi bottle :)

This post is part of the Mario themed birthday party inspiration, and is more for ideas, using demonstrations of our creations from 2013, and our ⭐🍄  Mario Birthday Party

Most of these were not my ideas, just some great ideas that we found and decided we would make ourselves to celebrate our 4 year olds birthday. Like the mustache, we saw these at the store and I snapped this quick picture. We were shopping for costumes and as I recall it, we saw these, thought, "we can make that!", and that started the whole hand made, Mario party venture :D

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May you find joy and inspiration!


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