DIY Fire Flower & Warp Pipes

 DIY Mario Party Decorations πŸ”₯πŸŒΌπŸ’£πŸŽˆ

πŸ”₯🌼 Fire Flower Power vase πŸ”₯🌼 and Warp Pipes

Mario birthday had lots of hand made decorations, some doubled as decorations and were placed on the table, like the Mario birthday cards, while others were placed around the house, like the birthday boy's sign, Pin the Mustache on Mario game,  Boo & Chain Chomp PiΓ±atas, plus much more!

In pictures above and below, you can see the Warp Pipe, these were made using toilet paper tubes, electrical tape, and paint. 

Wrap tape, like green duct tape, around the outside of tube, going around extra times at the top, making a small lip to look like the PVC pipes. 
These would probably look best painted inside.
Really easy, but other than decoration we did not use them for much. Maybe you have some ideas for them. 
You could make the fire flower and put it in the pipes, a pipe vase :)...

The Fire Power Flower is made on cardboard and painted with acrylic paints.
I used a tiny clay pot, painted with green acrylic paint. 
Flower is placed in the green pot with marble stones to hold it upright.
A touch of Easter grass for fun.

The gift bags are super fun and super cute, along with the Yoshi Egg wrapping paper! These will be in the next post, so check back soon!

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May you find joy & inspiration!

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