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DIY Super Mario 

Birthday Party Games 🎲 πŸ™Œ

🧱 Bean Bag Block Toss  πŸ§± ~  Pin the Mustache on Mario  ~  
πŸ‘» Boo & Chain Chomp PiΓ±atas ~ Giant Dice 🎲 ~ 
& Chocolate Coin πŸ’° Prize Money $

Mario Birthday Party has several Mario fashioned games that we made and played. In the picture you can see boxes in the back turned into Mario Blocks, these served as decorations and for the Bean Bag Block Toss game.

To make the Bean Bag Block Toss game, you will first need bean bags. 
You can purchase some Hackie Sacks at the Dollar Tree, or make your own bean bags. 
Using fabric I had on hand, I made 4 galaxy bean bags for the bean bag toss, and 4 frog bean bags, a set for 2 players, plus taking turns.  
I would suggest 1-2 of each color for players, from one to as many as you like. Maybe in green, red, blue and yellow.
I stuffed the bags with several different kinds of beans, and that was a game in itself (game is guess what kind of bean in the bag; from pinto, legume, pea, chick pea, etc)
It was fun to feel the different textures that resulted from different beans. This is an especially good sensory game!

For the brick blocks, take a box, like a tissue box, and cut off the top. Paint with brown acrylic paint. 
When the paint is dry, use a fine tip sharpie to make lines that make it look like bricks.

For the question mark blocks, I covered boxes in yellow construction paper and cut out white question marks on white paper, and glued them on. 
Some question mark blocks where open at the top, and some were open at the bottom, so that you can hide stuff under the block.

Large Dice 🎲  
I also made 2 sets of large dice in this same fashion (painting them), it was just too much fun making blocks!
I painted one of them blue, with black dots, and another white. 
They were about 4 x 4 inches, and made using some recyclable heavy duty boxes that we had on hand. 
As well as a clear coat on one and stick on laminate on another.

Game 1; (our game was for 5 yo's, so it was fairly simple)
Scatter the blocks either random, or in a pattern. We did ours in rows. 
(The closed question mark is a 'miss' block and just looks cool, you could turn it over.)
Have players stand back behind a line and toss bean bags into blocks. 

Use a point system. Something like,
Brick Blocks: 1 point (for younger kids) or 5 points (for older kids) 
Question Mark Blocks: 2 points (younger) or 10 points (older)
Add up points. 
Take turns. 
See who can score the highest.

Game 2; 
You can turn the bricks over, line up the blocks, and hide a prize under one.
Have the players roll die, move over the blocks the number of times rolled,  and check that block for a prize. 
Play is over after rolling one die, and it is the next players turn. 
If you reach the end of the blocks before a player finds a prize, you start over and repeat the row.

Pin the Mustache on the Mario 

You will need a big print out of Mario. Print a Mario picture in color, black and white and color it, or draw yourself. (Drawing it yourself, you can make Mario without a stash ;)
Once you have this, determine how big you need your mustaches to be to fit your Mario picture.
Sketch out a Mario mustache, or you could trace your pictures mustache as a template.
Trace these onto black paper and cut each out. 
Hang your Mario picture.
Give each player a mustache with tape on the back. 
Cover the first players eyes with a bandana or other soft wrap and spin them around a few times, then point them in the right direction. 
See where their mustache lands!
Player with the closest Mario stash wins!
(sorry, no pics at this time)

These fun to make piΓ±atas were our last, and funnest game. Please see Boo & Chain Chomp PiΓ±ata post for more on these.

Mario Coins, aka, Chocolate coin prize money$

Chocolate coins

For a $1 a 12 pk bag at the grocery store in the candy section, bought tons of these! We used them as small prizes for games, as well as scattering them about, just because Gold Coins/ Mushroom Coins are just cool! πŸ„ We also put some on the cake πŸŽ‚ for decoration.

Thank you for stopping by.
May you find joy & inspiration!

Photos by Cathleen~ Doily Designs 2013

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