Crochet Yoshi Egg

         Yoshi Egg
        …..More Mario &
           Yoshi Crochet!!!

                    Having promised my son a Yoshi egg, I searched for a pattern and used an amigurumi egg pattern but instead of the normal Sc, I used a HdcI also used 2 strands of worsted weight yarn together and a K hook.  This thickened the egg wall so the stuffing wouldn't stick through.  Then the finishing touch was crochet circles placed randomly. It's a pretty big Yoshi egg. Around 9 inches.  My son and his Yoshi were pretty happy with it. 


This easy bob bomb drawstring bag was a hit with my son. There's no pattern for this, but it is fairly simple... Simply make a drawstring bag with the pattern of your choice, and add a nice braided cord for the drawstring, with tri-color strands of yarn affixed at the end. The you have πŸ’£ Bob-bomb πŸ’£ My son loves carrying his and Yoshi's treasures in it.

                          Nice handmade gift ideas for kids, or us grown kids :)

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Best wishes and happy gaming!

        & still more Mario & 
               Yoshi crochet! 
      & handmade Christmas gift ideas for kids.        

My kids love to play Yoshi. They dress them up and take them on many adventures.  Here my 10 year old daughter learned to crochet just so she could make Yoshi accessories!  She made him a scarf, that turned out cute, and she sewed him a backpack, and glued him some headphones. Then Yoshi is on his adventure!

But wait! He needs his water bottle!

What better way to carry than with a tote! Making lots of water bottle cozies at the time, my daughter requested a water bottle carrier for the Yoshi’s. It turned out cute for the tiny water bottle from Our Generation Dolls or American Girl Doll.

Later, it is off to bed for the Yoshi's.

Crochet Yoshi blankets were square "experiment squares" that  turned out the perfect size for Yoshi blankets. The Yoshi rooms are made up of storage bins purchased at Target, with tiny drawers for their nightstand.

Happy Crafting & Gaming!

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Crochet Autumn Loop Rug

Crochet loop rug ideas for the Holidays. 
Crochet Shaggy Green Autumn Leaves Rug
These loop rugs are so cool and fun to make.  It is a little tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes fun.  I love having this one around, it is so pleasant to walk on. 
The Crochet Spot has a great tutorial for the loop stitch.  
This pattern I used was Green Grass Rug on Free
Green Grass Rug

I like the flowers and copied their idea for my spring rug. 
Green Shaggy Grass Crochet Rug

Determine the size you want and start crocheting!

BTW….Kids LOVE them!  My son loved his race car rug! Great gifts!
All the children love the plain looped rugs...they request them in all their favorite colors :)
Here you can find this awesome race car rug by Cynthia Rae.

Best wishes!

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Owl Mug Cozy
This owl cozy is so adorable! This cute guy came to mind when I wanted to give a wonderful teacher a gift.  They are so cute it is hard to make just one.  Thanks to Kitty's Kreations for sharing this adorable pattern! I loved her colors and had extra yarn the same colors. 

You can this pattern free on Ravelry.

                        Owl Coffee/Tea Mug Cozy

                                      by Katrina Cohee

her owl cozy pictured below.

Image result for owl mug cozy

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Check out my Pinterest board for more crochet cats and owls and just lots of cute cats and owls!

Cali Cat all grown up above and as a kitten below with her siblings.

image 0


 & More Halloween Crochets

These are 2 of my favorite Halloween crochet projects. 
First we have; Boo Bunting pattern from Prairie Yarn.

Second; Pattern for the Spider Web is from Creative Compendium's Halloween project.   

                        Stay Safe

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Crochet Mandala Earrings 
With Owls

Halloween crochet, beaded earrings ~DoilyDesigns

These mandala earrings were inspired in 2011 when I first learned of crochet earrings. Loving crochet and jewelry I had to make some! I added beads, then added the dangles with beads and charm. I was very pleased with how they turned out. Great accessory for Autumn. Though I made them in 2011, I still were them quite a bit.

Crochet earrings ~Doily Designs

I made lots of them, in different colors.

Chocolate crochet mandala, doily earrings.  ~Doily Designs

My daughter was 4 at the time and I made a pair for her. 
She did not have pierced ears at the time so I crocheted a loop that could hang on her ear and she could play dress up! It actually worked pretty good. They are so light weight and the loop didn’t bother her at all around her ear. With her hair you couldn’t see the loop. She was very happy she could wear earrings like a big girl. (Sorry no pic of hers, those are mine below but they were similar to her pink ones.)

Pink crochet mandala, doily earrings ~ DoilyDesigns

Chocolate mandala earrings. ~Doily Designs

Chocolate crochet earrings ~Doily Designs

They’re so much fun! I recommend you make yourself some if you crochet.
They also make nice accessories for other things besides earrings.
If I have any requests, I can post a chart to make several of the ones pictured above!

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 Thanksgiving Crochet

Cute Tea Time Pumpkin Coasters pattern by Ira Rott, can be found free on Ravelry.

Easy crochet Pumpkin Jar Cozy made with this cute free pattern by Briana Olson. Works up quickly for a great gift or decoration for yourself.


Crochet doily for Thanksgiving decoration.
Pattern now available right here on my blog.

Chocolate Candy Corn Doily

Happy Holidays!

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Baby praying mantises on a cattail in our pond. How cute is he!?!?

I found some really cute Thanksgiving snack ideas and food turkey ideas on Pinterest and made a super easy turkey snack for the kiddos.

Happy Turkey Day!

 Round Crochet Rug
My crochet rug, with many variations through the years. The Lacy Shell Doily Rug is available in my Etsy shop.

For a great rug pattern, especially a first rug, Sara Rivka Dahan has this wonderful free pattern on Ravelry

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Crochet Yoshi Hat

    Crochet Yoshi Hat
        & Costume 

All of my children really like Yoshi, so when my youngest daughter came to me 2 days before Halloween, yes, 2 days before Halloween, and she asked me to make her a Yoshi costume, I thought, sure, why not.

There really was not much available for sale at the time and sewing did not sound like much fun. But, crocheting DID sound fun. So I set out to crochet a Yoshi costume.

While there were some really cute handmade costumes, nothing was striking a cord and I wasn't having luck finding anything with a pattern, so I improvised. 

For our Yoshi hat I used this hat pattern for the Simple Earflap Cap.  

Various Amagurumi ideas for constructing the eyes, nose, etc. Circles, Ovals, etc. all too fit and make shapes needed for the face.

The really cute turtle shell pattern can be found here Play Dress Up (Part Deux).  

A sewn and stuffed tail, which was trial and error until I finally managed to figure it out.  The costume works with or without the tail. The tail is basically 3 triangles sewn together, then a triangle joining all 3 of these at the end, stuffed very full. With a belt sewn on.


White felt on the belly, cut in an oval and slip stitched around the edge, onto a plain T shirt.  

The skirt is sewn with fabric leftovers.  A basic short circle skirt.
Luckily my daughter wanted to be Pink Yoshi, since we used what we had on hand, which turned out, was a lot of pink. 

 I worked through the next day and through the night.

The morning of my daughters school Halloween Parade, she got up and it was all ready for her. 😊  She was so happy to get to be Yoshi that Halloween. ♡  
This was a fun and awesome project.
We still pull it out and wear it sometimes, even when it is not Halloween.

   My Yoshi & Mario team headed out trick or treating!

Mario's costume was made with bias tape as make shift suspenders. The 'buttons' are yellow cardboard cut in circles with 4 smaller holes and yarn laced through. Mustache, 'M' cap, jeans, and boots.

    Happy Halloween!!!

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Pink Yoshi, thanks you.

Yoshi costume was created October 31, 2016

Here is one cute Yoshi pattern found on Ravelry, Yoshi Character Beanie by Niki Wyre.

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